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sage francis interview for CLEVELAND FREE TIMES
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Sage Francis
Self Fighteous

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sage francis interview for CLEVELAND FREE TIMES  Reply with quote  

What are the differences in the way that you approach hip-hop and spoken
word? How are the two similar and how are they different?

"I don't approach them differently at all. It is very rare for me to go out of my way to write a spoken word piece. Sometimes it just happens while I am writing. The only difference between the two is the break in structure for spoken word pieces."

Was there a vibrant hip-hop scene in Rhode Island that you gravitated toward
in the beginning? What inspired you to start rapping and writing?

"Helllllllllll no. Hahaha. There was a curiosity about hiphop. Rap music. I heard rap and I saw people break dancing. It made me bug out. Karate and hiphop were the two things that got me going as a kid. They felt magical."

What's the term "personal journalism" imply?


What kind of reactions have you gotten to "Makeshift Patriot"?

"Big, giant, smiley faces. Many, many thanks. A couple frowny faces sprinkled in there, but for the most part people were appreciative that I spoke on something they wish they could address."

Emo-rap is a pretty lame description of your music, don't you think?

"Yeah. Doesn't matter though. It's funny."

I don't think you have much in common with Dashboard Confessional and
Weezer, do you?

"Man, I fucking love Weezer. I keep hearing about Dashboard Confessional but I don't know anything about them. My guitarist tells me that the guy is a great song writer. But Weezer, man...that's a favorite group of mine. I have no problem with being likened to them."

What about the underground hip-hop scene, like the Def Jux artists, for
example. Do you feel an affinity with their music?

"Oh, of course. They are fighting the same war on different turf. Sometimes we overlap and join forces, but not often. I am really glad that they are doing what they do."

Does the fact that you're white have any impact on your music?

"Yes. For more reasons than I care to explain. In the end, the color is an incidental trait of my music."

How'd you meet Joe of the Non-Prophets?

"We had an altercation at WRIU 90.3 studios back in 1997. We became friends soon after that."

The Non-Prophets is a great name - is there a religious implication?

"Are you asking questions that you know the answers to?"

The album starts with an "Our Father" of sorts and makes other
quasi-religious references. Is it a critique of organized religion?

"Holy cow."

I love the line about calling out for Minor Threat songs at a Fugazi show.
Do you consider your music punk rock?

"I don't make punk rock music per se, but there definitely is a lot of the punk rock mentality and ethos in everything I do."

Your tour is called Fuck Clear Channel, but have you/would you go on the
Warped Tour? I think that's usually booked at CC venues.

"Really? If CC allows me in, I will gladly use their venues to denounce what they do."

What's your deal with Epitaph like and what are you working on for them?

"I signed a three album deal with Epitaph. I am currently working on a solo record for them, the follow up to Personal Journals. It's coming along. Making albums really stresses me out so I don't really want to go into anything about it. I just want to go in labor for a few months and eventually squeeze it out."

What is the Gimme Fund all about?

"It was a band I threw together at the last minute, but it was based on an idea that I thought was really cool. Acoustic instruments and 808 drum beats. Currently, the Gimme Fund consists of Joe Beats on the MPC, Nathan Harrop on acoustic guitar and hamronica, Tom Weymen on acoustic guitar and bass guitar."

Why don't rappers rock more often?

"They feel like they have to be cool."

Given all the stuff you're constantly working, how do you find the time to

"The question should be how I manage to get anything done outside of touring. I don't really know. Sometimes I freak out and shut everyone out. That's when I am given the opportunity to get real work done. That's what I hope to do after the European tour I have coming up. I will shut everyone out and dedicate my time to some real shit."
Post Fri Mar 05, 2004 5:06 am
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Re: sage francis interview for CLEVELAND FREE TIMES  Reply with quote  

Sage Francis wrote:

Emo-rap is a pretty lame description of your music, don't you think?

"Yeah. Doesn't matter though. It's funny."


Damn Right Sage, Emo rap!!!!
Post Fri Mar 05, 2004 11:54 am
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thank u thank u thank u  Reply with quote  

sage thanx for doing an interview for the cleveland free times. i recently emailed scene magazine (another cleveland newspaper) asking if they could do a report on the march 14th show for cleveland in their music section. ever since saul williams came to cleveland and he did a mini interview ive been collecting news clipping of underground artists. i guess its to make up for "other" journalistic mediums
Post Fri Mar 05, 2004 2:59 pm

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