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interview with Chicago Tribune 2/27/04
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Sage Francis
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interview with Chicago Tribune 2/27/04  Reply with quote  

1. I love the title of your tour; the idea of burning bridges before you come to them greatly appeals to me. Who came up with it, and why?

"I came up with the tour title. I don't ever want to use a bridge that operates in a way that hinders the growth of people. Fuck Clear Channel is the title of a tour that is visiting 41 cities in the USA. Love it."

2. What precisely do you hate about Clear Channel? (I find the co. scary as all heck, myself. Seriously. They are evil.)

"Clear Channel is a corporation that has played a huge part in homogenizing each respective local scene around the country. It is important to make people aware of this and that's what the title of this tour is all about. Raising awareness in each state we visit. We can do better for ourselves. Do not let your local scene be watered down by the money monster. Resist whenever possible. Support independently run events. As for Ticket Master, I had no idea I would be doing shows that they had any part in so I didn't even consider it. I recently found out that the people in Boston could only get pre-sale tickets from Ticket Master so that's something I have to be aware of from now on. Their bullshit $6 convenience charge and shit. Hahaha. Pearl Jam's battle with them didn't last too long but I promise to place this rock closer to the temple."

3. Re: the “burning bridges” concept: Admittedly, while there’s only the slightest possibility, if any, of indie hip-hop ever getting aired on a Clear Channel station, still -- you never know. Therefore: Are you absolutely sure you’d never want Clear Channel airplay? Seeing as you’ve doubtless guaranteed that now…

"It's not insane to think that I could get airplay on Clear Channel radio stations. And you may be surprised to see that I still get airplay on Clear Channel radio stations. Hahaa. Who knows. I mean, Atmosphere gets airplay on radio stations these days. I don't make the same kind of hiphop they do, but I can see how it could work out. Am I sad that I might not attain pop culture recognition because of my beliefs? No."

4. Do you display a “Fuck Clear Channel” banner at your show, or is there tour merchandise emblazoned with that slogan? (I hope so; I’ll buy several in Chicago, one for me and the rest for gifts…)

"My tour shirts and sweatshirts have a nice Fuck Clear Channel logo on them."

5. How does this tour compare, size-wise, to your previous tours?

"This tour is 41 cities long. My last tour was around 30. The one before that was 23. I gotta go back to the 20 city tours because this one is drilling me into the ground."

6. Where in Chicago have you performed before, and are you looking forward to coming back?

"I have performed in many chicago clubs. I can't even remember them all. The first time was in some youth center. Then in a place called the Pontiac. I played at the bowling alley a couple times. The Bottle Neck (or is it the Empty Bottle?) The Metro. The Subteranean. The Abbey Theater. I can't even remember all of them. I love Chicago."

7. How would you characterize your audience here?

"Vocal. Hardcore hiphop listeners and a good mix of punk rock kids."

8. If I’m not mistaken, the whole poetry-slam thing began here in Chicago. You’re a veteran of that milieu. Any thoughts on Chicago’s contribution to the current culture of spoken word?

"It has changed a lot over the years. Chicago still has some great contributors to the spoken word scene, but they face serious competition from all over the world now."

9. How did Non Prophets get together?

"Joe Beats and I met at a college radio station. WRIU. When he started making beats we began recording together."

10. What’s the appeal of being part of a duo, vis-à-vis a solo artist?

"It's kind of interesting to see the end product when you collaborate with someone else on a full project. Because it is something you definitely couldn't or wouldn't have made on your own."

11. Is there subject matter you take on with Non Prophets that you don’t pursue as a solo artist?

"Not really. I just focus less on confessional material. It is less introspective and more outrospective. I don't feel like turning someone else's project into my diary session."

12. “Personal Journals” is wonderful. Can you give us a preview of your upcoming solo album on Epitaph?

"I cannot. There are a lot of things to consider still. I hope it sounds more mature than my other projects."

13. Your colleague Slug did quite well on Epitaph with “Seven’s Travels,” and he says he is adamant about never wanting to sign with a major label. Is a big-league deal something you: a) aspire towards b) avoid like a biohazard c) aren’t actively pursuing, but if one came along, you might consider it d) all of the above e) none of the above?

"I don't even think about it. I have no desire to sign to a huge label. There is a way that it could happen, but it is highly unlikely that any label of that magnitude could reach my standards."

14. What are your feelings regarding the fact that indie hip-hop is slowly but relentlessly becoming more popular, and getting more exposure? Personally, I think it’s a case of the audience coming to it, rather than vice versa, but of course not everyone agrees.

"Indie is hiphop has leaked into other genres. More white people are involved. How do I feel about that? I feel like it was inevitable. It isn't great or horrible, it is what it is."

15. Why do you hate phones?

"Why do you ask questions? heh. I just hate them. I am not much of a conversationalist."

16. You do realize that the give-and-take of an actual conversation, compared to what we’re doing now, has an utterly different dynamic. Don’t ya?

"Yes. Thanks for playing."
Post Fri Feb 27, 2004 2:24 pm
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I now understand why you come across irritable sometimes when doing interviews...


FAR too many...That stuffs gonna wear on you sometime...But it's admirable that you give alot of these people your time, despite what medium you communicate over...That's really cool...
Post Fri Feb 27, 2004 2:34 pm
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Re: interview with Chicago Tribune 2/27/04  Reply with quote  

Sage Francis wrote:
"I love Chicago."

Post Sat Feb 28, 2004 5:36 pm
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