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Sage interview with some vegetarian publication. 12/5/03
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Sage Francis
Self Fighteous

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Sage interview with some vegetarian publication. 12/5/03  Reply with quote  

1. Let's start with the basic background stuff -- what type of
vegetarian are you? How long have you been vegetarian? What led you
to choose to stop eating meat? [I'll have more follow-up questions
based on your response to this last one.]

"As my vegan friend puts it, I am a 'half-assed vegetarian.' I eat dairy products. I stopped eating meat in 1996 and it was basically done on a bet. My straight edge friends tried telling me that I was addicted to beef because of all the drugs that are pumped into cows. I knew the only reason I ate meat is because it was made available to me in different forms and for very cheap (which is absurd.) So I stopped eating meat for a year just to prove them wrong and then when i tried to go back to eating meat again I was repulsed by the flesh."

1.5) So that was some old reverse psychology shit
they pulled, huh? While you proved to them you weren't addicted,
their bet showed you the light. As the years went by, what types of
things surprised you and disgusted you the most about food production?

"Basically, they pulled the old, 'Oh you couldn't stop eating meat even if you tried." Well, I proved them wrong. I most certainly wasn't ADDICTED to meat. I ate it out of convenience. I truthfully believe that they believed I was physically addicted to eating meat and I knew that was nonsense. I had never been addicted to anything. Not to my knowledge anyway. The thing that disgusted me most about MEAT was that...I am composed of meat. I don't feel like chewing felsh. It grosses me out. I know where it comes from and I know how it gets to my plate. If I can have an ALTERNATIVE to meat, I will ALWAYS go that route. I can't believe all people don't do that."

2. What are some of your favorite veggie dishes/recipes?

"I absolutely love vegetarian makki. That's about as classy as I get. Other than that, I am a sucker for pizza. I'm one of those people."

2.5) How about restaurants? Are there any
favorites in towns that you visit but don't live near?

"I believe that the only ALL veggie restaurant in RI is thw Garden Grill, which is unbelievable. Classy joint with scrumptious meat alternatives. My favorite place to eat in Providence is the Meeting St Cafe which specializes in top quality food of all sorts. I have written many love letters and break up letters in that place."

3. Vegetarianism is one of those topics rarely discussed in hip-hop
(aside from every rapper and his mother saying, "even vegetarians have
beef with me" or somesuch). Animal rights, specifically, seems to
come up even less frequently, even amongst political emcees... do you
think this disconnect is similar to the one that often exists between
environmentalists and animal rights activists?

"Ha ha, good call on the over-used vegetarian punchline. But humans have a lot of wrinkles to iron out between themselves before 'animal'-rights becomes pertinent subject matter in hiphop. I do wish ALL people could see the benefits of vegetarianism but there's a lot of work to be done before that sort of awareness permeates the mindset of rich and poor."

3.5) What do you think is the most urgent thing
people need to know about food production/vegetarianism/etc., even if
they don't go any further in exploring the topic?

"A CONSCIOUS diet should be a healthy one. A CONSCIOUS vegeatrian diet is a healthy one. You are not making a sacrifice to your body by depriving it of meat, that is a social falacy. A true revolution begins with your daily eating practices."

4. When it comes time to tour, have you faced any difficulties finding
good eats on short notice?

"Of course. Most of the time we are forced to settle with gas station cuisine. Horrible, horrible eating habits on tour. And touring Europe will definitely test a vegan's faith."

4.5) In a recent poll, England was named the most
vegetarian-friendly country, which kind of surprised me because while
Asian countries do eat a lot of fish, it's not unusual for anyone (not
just vegetarians or Buddhists) to eat a dish with seitan or tofu in
it. I would have expected somewhere in Southeast Asia to be easier to
find veggie food since it's so engrained into their culture. Did you
find any European countries that were more friendly to vegetarian
visitors than others?

"That poll sounds like complete bullshit. Granted, there are a lot of Indian restaurants in England, but there is NO way that ANY spot in the UK is the most vegetarian-friendly in the world. Quite the contrary. From my understanding, there are asian countries that used to be strict vegetarian until they became westernized. From personal experience, the good old northern US of A is the most vegetarian friendly, but there is one buffet-style veggie restaurant in Montreal that takes the cake. I forgot the name though."

5. Dre from Outkast is vegan, Dead Prez go so far as talking about raw
foodism... who else in the hip-hop community is vegetarian/vegan that
you know of?

"Dre and Dead Prez may talk the talk, but like most rappers I have a sneaky suspicion they ain't walking the walk. It's like..KRS claiming vegetarianism on one song and then I read an interview where he was eating chicken. So who knows. Recently I heard a member of Souls of Mischief say he was vegan. Sole is vegan, Odd Nosdam is vegan, Yoni (Why?) is vegan, and I am the half-assed vegetarian."

5.5) Interesting... I wonder why that is... I'd expect Ludacris to fake
game to gain credibility with his audience, but what would emcees get
out of claiming vegetarian, let alone vegan or raw?... weird.

Kind of like the Breatharians in a way -- have you heard of them?
They're this weird group of people that believes you can live on air
alone... And one of their top proponents was caught by a hidden camera
scarfing down Big Macs by himself in a conference room after having
given a speech?

"Hahahaaaa....I love him. Whoever he is."
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Sage Francis
Self Fighteous

Joined: 30 Jun 2002
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follow up questions added
Post Sat Dec 13, 2003 2:20 am
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Sage Francis
Self Fighteous

Joined: 30 Jun 2002
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