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End of the year interview with some UK website. 11/27/03
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Sage Francis
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End of the year interview with some UK website. 11/27/03  Reply with quote  

How are you?

"I am doing fairly well this evening. A little fatter than usual, but that's ok."

And how has 2003 treated you?

"2003 has treated me amazingly well. So well in fact, that it has changed my whole perspective on shit and I am constantly on the verge of a nervous breakdown. The better life gets, the scarier the drop. I like to think that these words are nothin without me, man. Only I get to use them. Over and over. Same words. Over and over. Everyone else is jealous of these words, but they're forced to learn other languages. Then I heard everyone speaking my words when they thought I wasn't listening. Now I accept that this shit is for everyone. And I'm back to square one. It's scary but curious in a good way."

What was your favourite moment of the year just passed?

"Finishing the HOPE album and making a new life with my girlfriend in a secluded environment."

And your least favourite moment?

"A couple times I put too much faith in people who weren't worth the breath they lie with. That left a bit of a stain on my insides."

What's the most important thing you learned this year?

"Staying accessible to the faceless public should never be a priority."

What was the coolest thing that happened this year?

"My girlfriend and I visited Lizzy Borden's house and grave site in Fall River, MA"

And what was the dumbest thing that happen this year?

"Oh man, this interview is a strong candidate"

What's the best record you heard this year?

"Beth Gibbons and Rustin Man 'Out of Season.'"

And the worst?

"I can't say, because then people will think I have 'beef' or 'jealousy' for them and I don't. I just think their music sucks. One thing I can say is that some garbage-ass rap records came out this year.

Bush VS Bin Laden: Who's winning at close of play,

"I heard Bin Laden requested to be removed from any and all opinion polls. I don't know what kind of a political career he could have after doing something like that. We need to keep score, Bin."

Who are you going to vote for in the next election?

"Kucinich. If he doesn't make good headway in the primaries, then I am going to go for the strongest non-republican candidate. As ambiguous as that may be, everyone who wants Bush out of office needs to make that commitment."

Right, what are your plans for this Christmas?

"Christmas sex."

And what of New Years Eve?

"I'm going to Time's Square dressed in a turban with a clock hanging around my neck."

And what can we all expect from 2004?

"Huge Non-Prophets tour in the spring with Grand Buffet called the Fuck Clear Channel Tour, the next Sage Francis album is coming out on Epitaph Records at some point and then the Warped Tour in the summer. A few big collaborations too."
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