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interview with Santa Fe Independent 10/19/03
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interview with Santa Fe Independent 10/19/03  Reply with quote  

Santa Fe Independent out of Santa Fe New Mexico
Interview conducted by Pete Rivers Pulju

1 are there any groups/artists that have "carried the cross" in so far as what the hip hop ideals of the late '80s where during the 90s

"Hmmm. I don't know. A few are trying. I am not so sure any of them have been successful. Technological advancements have really fucked with the art, if that makes any sense."

2 could you list who the most important figures (good and bad) in hip hop of the late 80s/early 90s, mid 90s, and current are and why

"KRS One of course. Chuck D of course. The current most important figures are Jay Z and Eminem I guess because they seem to be having the most influence. They are the ones giving the general hiphop listenership a base from which to work off of. Its frustrating as all hell, but hey...that's why I operate outside of the confines of mainstream culture. I don't have to follow those guidelines in order to keep in touch with the mainstream listenership. They're gonna have to journey over to my side."

3 is hip hop progressing/peaked/regressing

"My inclination is to say that it is exactly the same but just on a larger scale than it was 10/15/20 years ago. But then I consider the magic year of 1988 and what made that time so great was the complete lack of awful groups. Almost every single person putting out records at that time ad great skill and something important to say. I would say we have definitely regressed since that time."

4 do you consider hip hop a sub genre of rock and roll

"Absolutely not."

5 is it important for artists to progress/be different

"It is important to find your own voice. It is important to operate outside of the tried and true formulaic box in order to make things fresh. You can still work inside the box as long as you poke outside of it every so often and do what is unique to yourself."

6 do you see any similarities between 1988 and 2003 as underground artists of this era are starting to have commercial success

"Yes, I still see pinoeers. I still see innovators. I see entrepreneurs. I see people finding their own niche and exploiting it. I see race relations being a major focus for a lot of people. I see materialism taking over content of character."

7 would you consider the recent two years to be a turning point in hip hop, if so who is responsible

"As a whole, no. There is no turning point. Some of the independent scene is getting more recognition but that hasn't changed anything just yet. In fact, from what I see of the indie scene, I don't see hiphop changing for the better even if they start having major influence. if anything it will change for the worse."

8 which is more relatable to Juice crew v. BDP- Murder inc v. G Unit, Anticon v. Def Jux or even D. Row v. Bad boy

"Pshhhhh. Hahahaha. Hmm. Wow. Out of the crews you have pains me to say this, but Anticon vs Def Jux is the best comparison. Because both crews are making headway in the underground scene, both have their figure heads (sole and El-P), both have skill and feed off of each other's energy and fan base, and both would really like to keep it on record. haha."

9 is music television important

"Yo MTV Raps was important in its heyday because it actually provided NEW and POIGNANT hiphop to households all over America. At this point, TV is not important whatsoever. In fact, I would venture to say it is playing a huge role in the degragation of mankind due to the material that is being pimped to incredibly impressionable audiences."

10 are mainstream-punk rock and rap-indy hip hop accurate comparisons

"Hardly. If an indie rap group talked about the things mainstream punk rock did, they would be pelted with beer bottles. What a boring and horrible scene I would be a part of. Even worse than it is now. Mainstream punk rock is an abomination to the roots of its sound. Same with mainstream hiphop."
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