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interview with on Aug 21, 2002
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Sage Francis
Self Fighteous

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interview with on Aug 21, 2002  Reply with quote  

EvianBackwerds: sage - this is bryan from okayplayerhater

SAGEkillz: ok hi
SAGEkillz: lets do it

EvianBackwerds: right on... how you doing?

SAGEkillz: aaaaaiiiiiiigggggght

EvianBackwerds: cool. I've gone over some of your interviews online and IM transcripts... been getting more and more apprehensive about interviewing you.

SAGEkillz: well thanks for doing the research at least
SAGEkillz: now lets do this!!! YEEEAHHHHHhhh!!!

EvianBackwerds: I've been listening to you for a while... i have always respected your work and wanted to at least ATTEMPT to come up with some innovative questions and see what you've already covered in other interviews... like you said I don't expect you to sit with your arms politely crossed and answer the same questions you've been asked a thousand times... I want to "delve", as they say... and get your opinion on questions I think that matter... like for example, what's up with the dicklicker video??

SAGEkillz: we can have a simple convo and it would be the cat's pajamas. The Dick Licker video is my attempt at gay porn. Hope the hiphop world is ready.

EvianBackwerds: Other than Ill Mitch... who do you credit as your inspiration in emceeing?

SAGEkillz: almost every single rapper who put out material in between the years 1983-1996.
they all helped in one way or another.

EvianBackwerds: You've been inspired by generations of hip-hop artists... who do you think todays up and coming "heads" are looking to for inspiration? Do you think they are getting the short end of the stick in not looking to the pioneers?

SAGEkillz: You don't look for inspiration. It just happens. People who look for inspiration are trying too hard...and they will suffer as a result. There's a plethora of sources for inspiration to occur. I don't think this Earth could ever run out of inspiration, considering how horrible it has become. haha.

EvianBackwerds: Things have definately gotten fucked up. How do the events around you shape your personal view on the world? People often say that the world around you can make you bitter and cynical... how do you view yourself?

SAGEkillz: I am a jaded, old man. No doubt about that. I make no qualms with people who label me as such.

EvianBackwerds: Does poetry and music help? Does it offer a release from reality, or do you stay grounded in reality even when performing?

SAGEkillz: Art is not a release from reality. Sometimes it is a magnificaton of it. It is often a statement of reality.

EvianBackwerds: Do you make any form of distinction between different genres of art... particularly poetry and hip-hop?

SAGEkillz: I was asked that question about 4 times in the last two days. There's not much of a distinction, but each forum is condusive to certain material. Hiphop can be poetic. There's not much of a distinction there. Unless I am doing poetry that is not hiphop...which exists. These terms can be very confusing since definitions are severely limited and indefinite.

EvianBackwerds: Is music your favorite form of expression?

SAGEkillz: spoken word and music are my favorites. so far. I can see book writing coming into effect soon.
SAGEkillz: but my FAVORITE is sex

EvianBackwerds: I read that you put a lot of work into all of your album covers... do you do much in terms of visual art?

SAGEkillz: where the hell did you read that??? haha. Have you ever seen my album covers? I mean...nah. I usually just sit in Kinkos and play with the white out.

EvianBackwerds: I can't exactly remember... I just remember you calling an interviewer "cum face" and shitting bricks.
EvianBackwerds: and "math face"... I wanted to ask you... what the hell is a math face?

SAGEkillz: interviewers are my friends. Unless they're not.
SAGEkillz: his math was all wrong. he didn't do the science. I was being funny, mom

EvianBackwerds: ah... ok. I noticed several samples from "Magnolia" in the Personal Journals album, and a great sample from Happiness. Who are some of your favorite directors?

SAGEkillz: I don't have favorites. I'm not that much of a film nerd yet. David Lynch gets a thumbs up for doing what I would probably like to do if I had the money and technical know-how. I really don't pay much attention to directors though...I know that makes me a bad bad person. Oliver Stone kicks ass. I know I have some favorites, but they aren't names I can just pull out at the spur of the moment.

EvianBackwerds: I recently saw Happiness for the first time. That movie scared the hell out of me, but I am happy there are people in the world with balls enough to make stuff like that.

SAGEkillz: agreed

EvianBackwerds: Now let me ask you a question you have probably been asked a few dozen times. What has been the most gratifying moment in your "career" (i hate that word)

SAGEkillz: shit. Hmmm....believe it or not, there have been a lot. Touring with Atmosphere was one. My first time in Sweden blew my mind when the crowd started singing along to my first song. I shit my pants. haha. There have been a lot.

EvianBackwerds: i've been kicking myself the past few days for forgetting to bring "sick of waging wars" home with me. My grandfather is an english professor who has taught poetry for a few years, and I wanted to play "How to write a political poem" for him.

SAGEkillz: ah...Taylor Mali. He is one of the best ever.
SAGEkillz: top notch performer

EvianBackwerds: yeah i really dig it. OK, switching gears... I grew up working with bay area "thuggy dun" cats and didn't know ONE person other than myself who didn't get fucked up 24/7. I grew up working with bay area "thuggy dun" cats and didn't know ONE person other than myself who didn't get fucked up 24/7. have you taken any slack from other artists or fans for your lifestyle choices (vegetarian, not drinking, smoking, etc)?
EvianBackwerds: (oops... pretend i only said that part once... i hate this laptop)

SAGEkillz: I have not caught slack, no. Most people were very respectful of it. Envious even. It didn't help out my social life though.

EvianBackwerds: This is a question I ask everyone we interview, simply because of the name of our site. What is YOUR personal definition of "player hating"?

SAGEkillz: going out of your way to stunt someone else's success because you of a jealousy issue

EvianBackwerds: Of all the beats you have performed over, which one moved you the most upon first listen?

SAGEkillz: Either Bounce or Come Come Now

EvianBackwerds: This question comes from the other guy at OPH... If you had to go back to waiting tables one more time, what resturaunt would you choose?

SAGEkillz: Meeting St Cafe in Providence, RI.
I eat there every chance I get.

EvianBackwerds: ok, and the obligatory final question... other than growing older and more jaded, what does the future hold for sage francis?

SAGEkillz: a few more albums, a few more tours, friends, enemies, love, hate, a wife, a kid, disease, law suits, jail time, redemption, death, decay, reincarnation

EvianBackwerds: sounds fulfilling... thanks a lot man i really appreciate you taking time out to chat. I've wanted to talk to you for a while. Are there any questions you have for me, about the site, or anything else?
EvianBackwerds: Jel, Pedestestrian, and Odd Nostum were supposed to be coming to the apartment tonite for an interview before a show, but they all had to cancel... it's good that you were online so we could talk

SAGEkillz: what's the URL?
And could you please direct people to my website at

EvianBackwerds: the URL of the site is - we are pretty much just getting started after a lengthy redesign, adding more content every day... we just interviewed The Grouch yesterday, and I am waiting to reschedule with Jel et al. We got something lined up with Cheapshot and Finale from detroit, and my partner I.D. is hoping to contact Slug soon.
EvianBackwerds: He works as promoter for ABB Records in Oakland... I am just a fan of hip-hop who dosen't really KNOW anyone but I really want to get a site started in which there is a lot of interaction between the artists and the community. It's going to be difficult, but I think it could work. It's also great getting to talk to the people who make the music that moves me.

SAGEkillz: aight man. thanks for giving me the time to bullshit.

EvianBackwerds: thanks for taking the time to talk. peace.
Post Wed Aug 21, 2002 8:44 pm
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Re: interview with on Aug 21, 2002  Reply with quote  

neat Sage, that interview was the cats pajamas
Post Wed Aug 21, 2002 8:50 pm
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yes, twas neato.  Reply with quote  


I usually just sit in Kinkos and play with the white out.

like i said, always abusing kinkos!
Post Thu Aug 22, 2002 12:27 am
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damn... that interview hit your site before it even hit mine... I just posted it a few minutes ago, now that I am finally back in Portland and able to update the site easier. Thanks for posting it here too. Thanks for taking the time to do the interview Sage, I appreciate it.

Oh, and my cat doesn't wear pajamas... but my cat's breath does smell like cat food. :)
Post Fri Aug 30, 2002 7:34 pm
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that was good.
Nowhere neer as contraversial (or stupidly presented) as mine though!!
Post Sat Sep 07, 2002 1:53 pm
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