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Sage Francis
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Basilisk wrote:
The hell? Fuck man, I thought the forum was the place to be for this kind of news. I check here every day for that very reason. How long have these forum-excluded updates been going on? Where should I be checking instead?

When a new item is available, we typically announce at our twitter and FB pages first:

The reason those sites have been given priority is because that's where we see the most activity and results. But the info always makes its way onto the forum.

Basilisk wrote:
Also, did a triple read on that tour announcement, B. Looked again, but still can't find it here.
Edit: I see it now on the main site under the tour section. Not a place I check daily.

That info was posted on the forum first. It is posted in the tour/show thread. I believe it should be its own thread, but that's where the info is for now.

Basilisk wrote:
Again, I thought the forum was the place to be. I knew this place was slow but I didn't realize we'd given up on it

We haven't given up on it. It's just not a place of priority for all announcements. I think it's a great place to have in-depth discussions or to address some serious shit with people who aren't regular John Doe twitter/FB users. That's how I've compartmentalized this place anyway. Not sure how others are feeling.
Post Sat Sep 07, 2013 11:13 pm
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by the way :

the new store is so much faster, looks a lot better and overall a great improvement
Post Sat Sep 07, 2013 11:24 pm
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