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IAE not OK with Mahar's "Pot legal = Civil Rights"
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If memory serves the first "drug laws" were brought about basically as a way to bring hardship to the immigrant minority population, mostly Asians and Mexicans I believe.

And if I'm remembering that correctly the war on drugs did start out as a war on the lower class. I believe there was a time they were busting up opium dens while at the same time mommy homemaker could just order a syringe and heroin from the sears catalog. Don't quote me on that though.

As far as I'm concerned the war on drugs is just a veil for the largest revenue stream for the judicial system, law enforcement, and the private prison industry.

And yet two of the most deadly drugs are completely legal and socially accepted. Alcohol and Tabaco. How many people die a year due to smoking related problems? Like 400,000 or something? That's like one in five deaths or some shit. Meanwhile Heroin (and I use this as an example because I think generally it has the most social stigma attached to it) probably kills around 5,000. (I think it said 4,200 for 2010) And I think it also said %80 of those deaths were cause by people mixing it with other drugs that are a CNS depressant.

Welcome to America.
Post Tue Jun 18, 2013 9:50 am
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