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The Rolling Movie Thread (Ultimate Ultimate)
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Captiv8 wrote:
No, I haven't, but it keeps catching my eye in the Watch Instantly queue. Are you endorsing it?

I am.
Post Fri Mar 25, 2011 9:41 am
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I watched Don't Be Afraid of the Dark and Contagion yesterday while this sickness works itself out. First off, I thought the casting of Guy Pearce was wasted on Don't Be Afraid. It's great that he can diversify his roles, but this was not a great way to do it. Katie Holmes was Katie Holmes, ridiculously skinny but sensitive, perpetually in the shade of Dawson's Creek. The little girl actress was actually the best part of the movie, as she nailed the role. But then, there were some really counter-intuitive moments that baffled me. If I move into a strange house and I start hearing whispering voices out of a ash pit I'm not going to be inquisitive. I'm going to be freaked the fuck out. And then there was this lame attempt to convey that the child was suffering from mental issues, though this had no bearing on the film whatsoever. And the entire time I was watching it I kept thinking "Pan's Labyrinth was so much better." This movie suffered an identity crisis between fantasy and horror and as a result didn't fit comfortably into either category. It was awkward.

Contagion was a bit better, but still mediocre. In the end it was clear that this was a cautionary tale about how quickly epidemics can start and perpetuate, but there was also the comforting reassurance that the government would step in and develop a cure. This movie walked the line too tightly, not really going firmly into the chaos that would ensue but not really focusing on the human vignettes too well either. A cast full of outstanding movie stars does not a great film make. All of the acting was well done, but there was no nuance or depth to any particular character. And this was also the most lackluster of Soderbergh's films. Even Solaris was better than this.
Post Sun Feb 12, 2012 11:38 am
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