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Jared Paul

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"Prayers For Atheists
Wednesday June 16th, 2010

I wasn't sure what to make of this upon getting it. I had seen it compared to hip-hop, Rage Against The Machine, Whole Wheat Bread, and spoken word. The thing is all of these comparisons fit, sometimes all at once really. This EP acts as a historical documentation of sorts. According to the liner notes this was written, lyrically, by Jared Paul after being arrested for protesting the RNC prior to our last election, apparently during this protest he and many others were arrested. Instead of doing what was suggested and paying a fine Jared and the Strange Famous family raised money through the site and at shows to fight these charges and Jared was acquitted. Notably, this whole disc is littered with political musings that while overtly liberal leaning are spewed with a certain righteousness that is hard to deny.

Musically this is slightly different from the normal Strange Famous fare. Those of you who are familiar with the label could explain that it stays closer to the hip hop side of things with a few meandering off the board (Buck 65). Instead, we have what is essentially heavy punk rock with well executed breaks and strong leans vocally to hip hop. There are nods musically in the first track to Against Me!, hip hop, and hardcore all in a three minute burst. Things don't diverge too drastically from that blueprint throughout. Keep in mind this probably wasn't intended to be considered hip hop in a true sense this is essentially a poetry slam or general spoken word recording with some screaming and many times spoken in a rapping style cadence with punk rock backing. The lyrics while as stated early leaning wholly on the left side of political thought are written with a strong sense of song and rhythm. The best I can say about the lyrics is that they carry the ability to be political and personal at the same time. They never delve into the ridiculousness of a Casualties song and they don't rely on the rhetoric of an Rage Against the Machine song either. They fit nicely somewhere in between being angry for the sake of being angry and the overtly hostile but well read framework.

Everything about this EP is strong except for one thing; while it comes with an explanation regarding why and under what conditions this was made there are no lyrics included. While the lyrics generally aren't hard to understand it's always nice to delve into them a bit deeper. Overall this EP is a very strong release in a style that seems to come off rather silly on most occasions. This would be a release worth picking up given the opportunity."
Post Fri Jun 18, 2010 1:33 pm
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Yeah that's about right. Getting excited about the IC show, mang. For one thing I will actually be able to cop this CD from you...the only place I even have found a copy is Fifth Element and I was too broke at the end of my Soundset trip to buy anything, which is lame cause there were quite a few albums and shirts I wanted there. (Finally did hear that new Sleep though, you guys were right about that one!) Also I think people who dig what my group is going for will dig what you're doing as well, so hopefully we can make you a few friends and fans here. And, ya know, maybe some money and such.

On a side note, damn you for naming a disc "Manic Expressive", that's what I was gonna name my solo EP. I was look, oooh, that's a sweet name, better google that shit and there you were ya bastid. Her Space Holiday has one too...

anyplace I can hear that?
Post Fri Jun 18, 2010 2:51 pm
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Jared Paul

Joined: 15 Jul 2002
Posts: 3719
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We're looking forward to the Rolling Blackout set too, man!

Godbless 5th Element.

I've actually had the title track off Hesitation Wounds in my head all week.

The Manic X sampler is officially out of print. It will not be coming back.

( :

Post Fri Jun 18, 2010 3:57 pm
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