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The Dubai bubble will only go POP
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Just curious... why are unpaid striking workers, as claimed by that article, posing and smiling for a cameraman from atop the tower? Last I checked you held strikes at ground level and maybe told people why you were striking.... Instead of, ya know, posing for PR shots in front of custom made banners touting the project you weren't being paid to work on. I guess I'll never understand their customs.

Great article, btw. Lots of nice facts and I couldn't help but be overwhelmed with the credibility of it all.
Post Tue Dec 08, 2009 8:26 pm
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Joshua Kane wrote:
Here is a long but incredibly informed and realistic discussion of the Dubai debt default, and why it signals the start of the next wave of financial crisis. (Warning - the language within is, shall we say, a bit prejudiced against Middle Eastern elites in certain places. I in no way support this chap's cultural views, but I think he links the Dubai default with the mounting next wave of crisis better than most).

Fantastic spot. I just wish the author would refrain from the blatantly racist views and instead allow his original, informative financial information to shine.

Although probably technically correct, it's sickening that the government are denying responsibility for Dubai World. They appeared more than happy to promote it as their own only a few years ago. I suspect the outcome may not have been unexpected, however, in that they did keep some legal distancing from the project.

Although it's as clear as day that the world is in deep, deep trouble, and many areas may not recover for potentially generations, the only hope remains in that the mistakes are learned from. I'm sure I'm not the only one who remains unconvinced.
Post Wed Dec 09, 2009 12:26 am
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Dr Sagacious

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Is it just me, or is Dubai strikingly similar to Ursa Minor Beta?
Post Wed Dec 09, 2009 2:22 am
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