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Review of RD by spine magazine
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Review of RD by spine magazine  Reply with quote  

> The Joe Beats Conspiracy 'Reverse Discourse'

This was found plonked down on my desk with no biography and no information... A lot of CDs like that would end up unintentionally disregarded or filed away with Mac OS CDs and Epson printer drivers and stuff like that. We try to keep a tight ship here in the studio, but damn... it's hard.
I'm rambling away here about the state of our office floor when I should really be telling you about this CD. Sorry. And to the guy who mailed me saying that "I used to look forward to reading your review section but lately it's been severely lacking, both in content and coherence." - we're sorry. But this review probably isn't going to help you change your opinion either!

The beats on this largely instrumental CD are, in the words on the back of the cover, 'instrumentals for songs that were never released or are supposed to be released in the near future.' The label - Strange Famous - indicates an affiliation to Sage Francis but these beats don't sound like anything I would imagine him having used, basing my opinion on previous material I've checked.
The opener immediately got me started: 'The Clock With No Hands' features Romen Rok from Funkbunker Fleet on vocals - and is freakin' ill. His verbals sound possessed by inner demons. "I'm not gonna cry this time - I'ma fight it... Before I choke and swallow my tongue, I'ma bite it - and make it bleed...". The music has these dope angel-type 'ooooh' samples and a nice piano loop running along.
So after that amazing opening, I was locked firmly into the Joe Beats way of music. The way he's compiled the CD means that the tracks blend effortlessly into each other, but also work perfectly as individual tracks. If you listen to the segue from track to track, you'll appreciate what I'm saying... It's a work of genius.

Track nine, 'Escape Velocity', is a downtempo drumfest with scary guitar loops and smooth breakdowns while you couldn't possibly enjoy the laid-back vibe of 'Someday' as much without letting the next track ('Smurfette Syndrome') follow straight on. 'Game Recognize Game' is another great use of eerie vocal samples, sounding almost erotic in places...

There's twenty tracks on here, all complimenting each other as well asyou could ever hope for, and as soon as it's finished you will definitely be hitting 'play' again. Even at sixty minutes long, it's too damn short.
My favourite CD in the past month without any doubt. I hope you can find this CD online or in your local store, because if you like head-nod beats backed up with smooth use of samples you'll be loving this.

Post Wed May 07, 2003 6:37 pm

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very nice  Reply with quote  

just the begining
keep killin em
Post Wed May 07, 2003 6:42 pm
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Sage Francis
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hahaha...I love it.

love it love it.
Post Wed May 07, 2003 6:50 pm
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reversediscourse is a great album
im left feeling like i should give more money because the price was a steal.
and you can believe that you wont find my copy on ebay
Post Wed May 07, 2003 7:07 pm

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