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Favorite serial killer?
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i don't have a favorite serial killer, i just know i remember a lot about Jeffrey Dahmer (i lived near milwaukee at that time) i also remember a joke or two we used to say in school....

what kind of shampoo did jeffery dahmer use??


ed gain was one sick fuck too (also from wisconsin) when police raided his house they found womens genitalia, a belt made of nipples, a skull made into a soup bowl, and a mobile made out of noses....they also found other shit, but this is all that i can remeber about him.
Post Sun May 04, 2003 9:11 am
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RealJustice wrote:
Of course: Ed Gien (tha godfatha)

But more interesting is:

Albert Fish - Insanely sadistic, cannibal, inserted up to 29 needles into his groin.

Henry "Fucking" Lee Lucas - One of the most fucked up childhoods I have ever read about. Not to mention he had a presumed body count well over 300. (incidently, he was the only prisoner pardoned from the electric chair by our very own president George W. Bush during his time as govenor of Texas)

Just to name a couple...
For more info go to
or read The Encyclopedia of Serial Killers. Fucking facinating.

Props on this thread.

Thank you! I'm sitting here scrolling and scrolling hoping it wouldnt take 3 pages for someone to mention either Ed or Albert. You, my friend, know your shit.

Ed Gein hands down.
Post Sun May 04, 2003 9:21 am
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I've had an obsession with serial killers for some time now, reading anything and everything that i can on the subject. It used to freak me out that I was so intrigued by them, but now I've kinda accepted it as an interest. The latest book I read on serial killers was Mistresses of Mayhem about women criminals (most were serial killers). I was awed when I found it - my two favorite subjects.
Post Sun May 04, 2003 2:18 pm
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has anyone ever read the book apocalypse culture? if you are into serial killers and sick shit like that you HAVE to get this book. Apocalypse culture II is better though its got all the necrophilliacs, and satanists, and gross pictures you can stand.

really good book, worth buyin thats fo sho!

I'm intrigued by the cannabals, theres always more fun than a bowl of monkeys!
Post Sun May 04, 2003 7:32 pm
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The Mean Eagle

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Andre Chicatillo..russian bad-ass,and ofcourse good ol pogo the clown
Post Mon May 05, 2003 2:13 am
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MessiahCarey wrote:
Based on what?


Hadden Clark (This sick fucking bastard started his killing career by jabbing a knife through the throat of a 6 year old that called him a name, having sex with her corpse, and then going back to watching Nascar - in someone else's home - then proceeded to take a piece of her arm for dinner, then bury her. That was just the first one, they get worse. He used to go to Cape Cod and kill women, have the obligatory necrophilia session, then cut their fingers off to use as fishing bait. He also got fired for repeatedly chugging beef blood. Strange perhaps this makes him eligible for the next category...

Actually the 6 year old was a friend of his cousin, the one that called him the name. the 6 year old's dad was the one that was watching Nascar. He didn't have have time to have sex with her because he had to go to work (he was a cook). Although he did ate her after he got off work.
Post Mon May 05, 2003 2:33 am
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i'm not an expert, but i work for one...  Reply with quote  

for those of you really interested in serial killers, next time you see Mr Dibbs, talk to him... he knows more about that subject than anyone i have ever known.

and if you want to learn something about a REAL serial killer, read up on carl panzram... in my opinion, he puts everyone that has already been mentioned to shame (except the zodiak killer) -- he was a very very scary unrepentant serial killer:

ps: couldn't ya'll come to the Dibbs board and have this conversation? it would make us all really happy over there... :)
Post Mon May 05, 2003 7:54 am
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