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So... what's up with healthcare exactly?
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Every morning NPR is telling me about the spin the Republicans are putting on the plan, and the points the Democrats are inexplicably (lobbyists) not highlighting. Like this Republican mouthpiece said that the proposal would make it mandatory for the elderly to undergo counseling about ways to "end their life" every five years. The bill says nothing of the sort, although it allows for healthcare to provide in the event of such situations, but of course all the old folks are in a tizzy about things. All it really takes is one person of reasonable popularity to say something, and then it's distributed amongst the public like fact. Public opinion is weird that way. And now everything is so convoluted and misinformed that nobody really knows what the hell is happening. No one I've talked to can give me a clear idea of what this healthcare reform is actually about. I've heard a lot of different things from different people, which leads me to believe people are making assumptions based on their own opinions.
Post Wed Aug 12, 2009 9:10 am
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crash wrote:

What a racist piece of shit article. I'll sum it up:

Man injured during fight at Tea Party health care reform protest.

Man must have been a hired thug and/or faking his injury because OMG HE'S A BLACK REPUBLICAN!

Sorry folks, even though the skew on this stuff is towards entrenched, often racist white folks doesn't mean that people of different color and background aren't on their side. There's no reason to distrust an injured black man more than an injured white one. It is very plausible that racism was involved in the fight, he could have easily been attacked by people with the same dumb mindset as that author. It's a very bad look to decide that nothing here is genuine just because he's "you know, not of the Tea Party pigment."

He does make a laughable martyr, though.
Post Wed Aug 12, 2009 9:28 am
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yeah, i don't really know why his color needed to be mentioned at all, but i didn't get the impression from the article that his being black had anything to do with him making a big deal out of the injury.

racist or not, it's a pretty shitty article. mostly i was just amused that someone protesting obama's plan doesn't currently have health care to get treatment for the injury he sustained protesting obama's plan.
Post Wed Aug 12, 2009 9:36 am
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Yeah, I got really annoyed at that article. I think we're going to see a minority participation from all demographics on the anti-healthcare side [that's such a funny label, we should popularize it]. Obviously this will mostly be a white-out, but we should expect to see the small participation by those minorities to be focused upon as much as possible. Otherwise it's just too transparent what demographics stand to benefit least from this.
Post Wed Aug 12, 2009 9:45 am