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3/17/03 interview with a rinky dink magazine
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Sage Francis
Self Fighteous

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3/17/03 interview with a rinky dink magazine  Reply with quote  


Hey there.

2.This is deffintley weird and I feel bad for putting you in such a
situtaton,but lets get the formalities over with...What personality or name
are you today?

Today is the day I decide that my real name is actually Frank Wolf. It's not a personality conflict or anything. That's just who I am. Frank Wolf. Frank Wolf exists completely outside of a hiphop context. I don't often talk about myself in the third person, but I am trying to make this easy on you. Frank Wolf...finally.

3.While we are on the topics of personalities...since you go by three
different ones I was wondering if there is any question you would ask

Do you wish you could quit everything you are doing right now and feel fine about it while persuing a happy, healthy relationship with friends and family for the rest of your life?

4.IF SO Anwser it....

Pass that blunt, kid.

5.When you look over what you have done does anyone song mean a little bit
more to you?

Of course. Some songs mean more to me than others. One song though? mmmm...Andy Kaufman. The Write. Crack Pipes. Inherited Scars. These all fall into a category of songs that mean a little bit more to me than the rest. I don't think I have written that ONE song yet though.

6.I know sick of waging war was released recently and same with Makeshift
partiot,but can we expect any new Sage Releases?Makeshift on CD? A new
Studio album?

Makeshift Patriot is already on the Sick of Waging War CD...but it will also be on Epitpah's "Punkorama" complilation CD in July. I am featured on an album with Buck 65 produced by DJ Signify called "Sleep No More." My next major release is the Non-Prophets album called "HOPE." Joe Beats handles all the production and I do all the vocals.

7.Any Emcees/poets that you are really into?

Chuck D, Rakim, KRS, Slick Rick, Lyrics Born, Buck 65, Slug, Breezly Bruin...and many, many more. Some of my favorite poets include Patricia Smith, Jeffery McDaniel, Jack Macarthy, Taylor Mali, Kwesi Davis, Jeff Brown, Buddy Wakefield, Bill McMillan, and so many more.

8.Do you think that is inane being interveiwed for such a low budget

High budget magazines don't care, mom. I have to talk to you. You care.

9.What /who are the Non-Prophats and do you have any Non Prophat stories you
would like to tell? and Joe Beats. I wish I could say we had a bigger crew but we don't. Once we tried to vote each other out of the group but we kept vetoing each other's decision.

10.Whose job is more important in making a song that moves a person in a
personnaly way.The Producer or the Emcee?

Depends what kind of person is listening. I mean..even though I am mainly a lyrics man, the right kind of music can make me feel more emotional than any combination of words. You worded that qustion strangely, but I move people more personally than the music...I guess. I am a person.

11.What is your allifation with Anticon records and would you like to say
anything to the people who constanly insult your music....

Anticon put out my album and EP. I am good friends with some of them. The kind of friends who live on opposite coasts and almost never talk. The people who constantly insult my music need to learn to appreciate awesomeness. Obviously. They must want me to fist-fuck their face.

12.Anyone you would like to thank?

Ma dukes. Pa dukes. Joe Dukes. Jared Dukes. And any girl who made me forget about horrible things for a few moments. I love you.
Post Tue Mar 18, 2003 3:17 am
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damn  Reply with quote  

one has to be really fucking cool to come up with "fuck-fist their face" that is the best phrase ive heard in a long time. thanks for making me laugh out loud dude.
Post Tue Mar 18, 2003 4:28 am
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" and Joe Beats. I wish I could say we had a bigger crew but we don't. Once we tried to vote each other out of the group but we kept vetoing each other's decision."

Good stuff...
Post Tue Mar 18, 2003 7:29 am
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sage , i was wondering if you had a good idea what month the hope album will come out
Post Tue Mar 18, 2003 8:10 pm
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Short and Sweet Enertaining article

And Question
Sage could you speak on
More Commerical Mcs
Like TUpac Biggie ANd NAs
I would like to see your views on them
if possible
Post Wed Mar 19, 2003 7:50 am
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Idiot Savant

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Fuck that shit. I was ragin' against neo-fashionist glamour artist before Cindy White was dancing to the Disco Beat Kids. Just looking at simple minded catch phrases makes me wet in the pants and overly joyed. Lied....but not in the sense that God created an apocalypse that well soon damage the very being in which I am apart of but in that strange yet homely way mothers do when they tell their kids about Santa Clause.

Fuckin Whitey
Post Tue Apr 08, 2003 3:01 am
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