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Metermaids - Nightlife
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Metermaids - Nightlife  Reply with quote  

As Sage said in a thread earlier this album deserves an own thread. Im not a good reviewer so I leave the deeper thoughts to the dedicated writers of the forum. Here is my two cents though.

Ive never heard of Metermaids before SFR made the album available for under 10 bucks. An album that cheap recommended by SFR is a must buy in my opinion. And it was the best deal so far this year. This music is fucking nuts. The live production by Stine is fucking golden. The fresh and raw sound he creates seems to fit Swell and Sentence perfectly. I like how the album is built too, the first part of it are, in first listening, in-your-face-bangers. That is until you figure out what the fuck they are saying in the verses (for a swede it takes a couple of listens). Then you come to grip with that its not just banging beats, its fucking awesome writing too. The second part of the album is more chill, and i like it. (Im probably out on a limb here, but the structure of the album reminds me of Hangar 18:s "The Multiplatinum debut album", but better) The only thing I could have wished for more from this album is a booklet with the lyrics. I still after about 10 listenings have a hard time finding out who is who of the two MC:s.

Top three songs so far: 1. The inside, 2. Never far 3. Good Times

Some sort of collaboration between SFR and Metermaids is a must happen in the future.

Im sure more people bought the album. What do you guys think?
Post Mon Aug 11, 2008 1:20 am
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