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Prolyphic Interview with Dead Magazine
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Prolyphic Interview with Dead Magazine  Reply with quote  

Q: As far as i understand the connection with Reanimator was something
that Sage Francis tried to make happen. So you didnīt know each other
before that?

A: Correct. I knew of Reanimator from the production he did on Sages'
albums. But before the creation of The Ugly Truth, I have never had
the chance to meet or interact with Reanimator.

Q: "The Ugly Truth" feels very much like an album that has grown - it
flows naturally. How do you feel about an album that at most of the
times feels very intimate and personal on the lyrical side being made
together with someone that was a stranger to you not too long ago?

A: I feel that my lyrics benefited from Reanimator's production. He gave
the songs a depth and a dynamic. I think we work well together.
Sometimes its easier working with strangers, its strictly business
with no strings attached.

Q: What do you think is lyrically the biggest change/progress that you
made from your previous albums to that new one with Reanimator?

A: I am always striving to get better. I've definitely matured over the
past three years and have learned a lot being around Sage and B.Dolan.
To put it simply, my writing and recording of songs have just gotten
better in all aspects. Working with Reanimator has allowed me to step
out of my lyrical spiritual comfort zone. His production forces me out
of my shell and pushes me to try new things with my writing. I plan to
push the envelope further with the newer songs that I'm writing and
they will continue to get better.

Q: On the Side and other tracks like Artist Goes Pop or Survived
Another Winter revolve around the hardships of being an artist that
decided not to walk the path that is known to be the easy one. "I
donīt do this on the side / or do this in my spare time" - Are there
still those moments when rapīs teasing you to quit your day job?

A: No, I think having a day job keeps me in check and doesn't force me to
have to rely on my music to pay the bills. I also get a lot of
inspiration from my jobs. In 2006, I was apart of a tour called "The
Quit Your Dead End Job Tour" and everyone on that tour had quit their
"dead end job", except for me. It was ironic and you could even say
that it was false advertising.

Q: "The only thing my words serve is a purpose" - Do you see yourself
as a part of some scene?

A: My words mean something. They inspire, change, inform, criticize, etc.
My words are not hot air. They are written for a reason and a purpose.
I am not apart of any scene that I know of. If I am, I am making it
known now that I am officially out of that scene.

Q: What was the best moment you ever experienced while producing /
performing your music?

A: I did a show one time in Denton, TX and I performed this verse that
was about alcohol abuse. There was probably only 10-15 people there.
After my set, I went outside of the venue and this 24/25 year old man
approached me and told me that after hearing my verse he wanted to
quit drinking. He started his rehab by pouring the full drink of
alcohol he had out into the street. He told me that he's been
depressed and has been binge drinking for the past couple of years
with no remorse and he had lost hope until now. I don't know what
happened to him or if he ever followed through, but just to know that
something I had to say allowed him to see some light at the end of the
tunnel made it all worth it. It touched my heart.

Q: What has changed for you since you are now officially a member of
Strange Famous Records?

A: It has given me more oppourtunities as an artist. Just recently I got
a chance to perform at the Paid Dues Festival, which was the biggest
crowd I have ever performed in front of. Because of SFR The Ugly Truth
album has gotten reviewed in magazines, was featured on, has
gotten airplay on radio stations worldwide, was #4 on the CMJ chart,
the album is available in stores nation wide and over seas. The list
goes on. Being on SFR has allowed my music to be heard by a larger
audience, which was my intent when I signed with them. Not to mention
the free jacket.

Q: Strange Famous appears to me like some kind of family business - Do
you all manage to see each other on a regular basis? How much are you
involved in the label work?

A: The first rule in SFR club is...never talk about SFR club.

Q: What are your future music projects? Will there be a SFR-European Tour?

A: I plan on releasing another album on SFR. Reanimator said that he was
down to do another one, so hopefully we can make that happen.

As far as a SFR-European tour goes, once Obama gets into office and
the US gets its respect back from the world, then it will be time for
us to go over there and fuck it all up again. For now, I will be
performing in Turku, Finland July 18th and Sage and Bernard just
performed out in Europe a couple of weeks ago, ya missed it!

I also want to mention that I like the way Dead Mag sounds when I say it.
Post Wed Jul 02, 2008 9:07 pm
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Nice interview. And another Prolyphic & Reanimator record would be awesome!
Post Thu Jul 03, 2008 9:08 am
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Sage Francis
Self Fighteous

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Texas has a strong AA community. To be quite honest, I'm a bit creeped out by it all. haha
Post Thu Jul 03, 2008 10:59 am
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