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an interview with prolyphic. check it out.

HW: Ok so first off thank you for this interview and I would like to start off simple. Tell us for the people that might not know about you, who you are and what you do.
Prolyphic: My Hip Hop name is Prolyphic and I am an independent hip hop emcee who is signed to Strange Famous Records. I write and perform my lyrics for those who want to hear.

HW: How long have you been rapping and were you always serious about it.
Prolyphic: I have been serious about writing and rapping since I was 17, so that would be 9 years strong. I started off writing songs that were not so serious when I was 14 and I would record them on my parents stereo. Since I was 17 I have always been serious about my writing, but not so serious about making a living off of my music.

HW: Tell us about your first tour experience.
Prolyphic: It was good. I toured with Galapagos4 and had fun traveling across the US. I learned a lot about myself and got a chance to get out of New England. I grew as a performer and as a person. Met some interesting people along the way and ti will be something that I’ll never forget.

HW: Ok awhile back you released an alarm clock set for 9:01 what is the significance of that title? you had said that their was another reason for the title what was it? and whatever happened to ducksoup records?
Prolyphic: During that period of my life my alarm clock was set for 9:01. I wasn’t trying to be different, it was something that just happened. My mornings revolved around that number and it became that way out of laziness. One night I wanted to set my alarm for 9:00am and went too far with the minutes. I was too lazy to go through the numbers again, so I just left it. So in retrospect, that situation/album title became Life in a nutshell for me. Life is not that complex, it has simple explanations. We, humans, are the ones who make it complicated. The album title was not meant to have a deep meaning, it is just a reference to a period of my life. Ducksoup records is no longer with us.

HW: What is your favorite track from alarm clock set for 9:01? and why?
Prolyphic: “A Name On A Park Bench” and “One Day At A Time” are probably my favorite tracks. What I was saying in those songs came from the deepest parts of my soul. The beats are very slow, somewhere around 65-70 BPM and they epitomize my music and style. “One Day At A Time” it’s how I started my music career and “Name On A Park Bench” is how it will end.

HW: Awhile back you released an album with robust of G4, what was that like and are thier any plans to do a sequel?
Prolyphic: Group projects/songs are tough to make, not to mention a whole album. That album took forever to complete and it should have come out 3 years earlier. What made things even more difficult is that I was in RI and Robust was in Chicago. So, getting together in person was a struggle. But, I always have fun making music because it is something that I love to do. We put a lot of work into it and I believe it should of have gotten more recognition. Such is life, there is more I could have done to publicize and promote it, but all of that is done now and I have moved on. There will not be a sequel. There is a lot of things I want to get done on my own and I enjoy being by myself on songs. It allows for more freedom when I’m writing.

HW: You are now signed to strange famous records how did that come about?
Prolyphic: I gave Sage a copy of my first demo tape in 2000, which was titled “What’s Wrong With This Picture”. He showed some interest in what I had to say and maybe saw some talent in my lyrics. So, ever since then I kept in touch with him and always sent him new music I was working on. Then in 2005 he asked me if I would be interested in releasing an album with Reanimator on his record label Strange Famous. Yada yada yada…I said yes.

HW: Your new project is entitled “The Ugly Truth” with production from reanimator. why did you choose to do an entire album with just one producer instead of selecting bits from everywhere?
Prolyphic: It was all Sage’s idea. He gets the credit. He saw something hip hopoly magical in putting us together and I think it worked out just fine. Kudos. kudos.

HW: What are your favorite tracks from the The Ugly Truth and why?
Prolyphic: My fav tracks as they say, are “The Ugly Truth”, “Broken Bottles”, “Artist Goes Pop”. “Slow To Get Up”, “The Way I See it” for all different reasons. I like the whole album, but these songs stick out to me. Some because of how they sound, the overall feel of the song, and what the lyrics personally mean to me.

HW: When can we expect the album to come out?
Prolyphic: May 6th, yea yea definitely May 6th.

HW: Alright time to get off this and ask you If you died tomorrow what would you want people to remember you for?
Prolyphic: That I was a good man and I tried my best.

HW: Any closing lines?
Prolyphic: Artist Goes Pop/Survived Another Winter 12″ and B.Dolan’s Live Evel EP come out April 1, 2008. And THE UGLY TRUTH cd comes out May 6, 2008. Peace.
Post Tue Feb 26, 2008 6:57 am
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Marcus Forealius

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It's too bad he had such a short opening set at that Living Room show. Seemed like it flew by with a quickness. I thought the stage guests brought a lot of extra energy without taking away from the main performer, especially during 'Survived Another Winter'.

I'm sure there will be quite a bit more exposure once Ugly Truth drops.
Post Tue Feb 26, 2008 10:08 am
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:D Nice interview, can't wait for the album.
Post Tue Feb 26, 2008 4:05 pm
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Yeah, it did seem a little rushed, I would of loved more of Prolyphic that night. Did you think the Apes were a tad too loud to be fully enjoyed?
Post Tue Feb 26, 2008 4:29 pm
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Sage Francis
Self Fighteous

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We squeezed in as much time as we could for Prolyphic. Unfortunately, Sole had 4 openers of his own (including a set by Skyrider.)

The closer we get to release of The Ugly Truth, the more time Prolyphic will probably get on stage. I'd really love to see him perform more songs from the album.
Post Sun Mar 02, 2008 7:12 pm
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