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3/9/03 interview with Aesthetic Magazine
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Sage Francis
Self Fighteous

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3/9/03 interview with Aesthetic Magazine  Reply with quote  

x:so, how'd the tour go?

SAGEkillz: haha yes.
SAGEkillz: the tour went. it was a tour. it was more successful than I anticipated.

x: anything ultra-krazy occur?

SAGEkillz: Yes. Mums is usually always the word with me. A member of our tour worked a 4-some. Don't even ask me how something like that comes about. I slept in the bed with a groupie's boyfriend. LOOOOooong story. Man, we had our moments. It was tame for the most part. A lot of hard work and long, dangerous drives on no sleep.

x: Quality. How do you stay pepped throughout?

SAGEkillz: I don't think I do. When it is showtime my body feels powered...but the rest of the time I am lethargic.and for the next month I will be slouched in every chair I can find

x: I was at the Boulder, CO show. I definitely saw that performance intensity, a savageness in the eyes and delivery.

SAGEkillz: it's time for the words to come alive
SAGEkillz: everything becomes immediate and real
SAGEkillz: and that lends itself to some unfortunate situations sometimes
SAGEkillz: if I am all worked up and you decide to take a sarcastic stance in the front row...for the sake of my music and the will be dealt with accordingly
SAGEkillz: assholes be warned

x: Details, how do you usually deal with such assholes?

SAGEkillz: with aggression. not the best judgment.

x: You get physical?

SAGEkillz: unfortunately, yes. I do. And I don't know if I can stop it in those instances.
SAGEkillz: my temper is through the roof when I am all worked up on stage

x: Beyond the flag, bullhorn, and microphone stand molestation, do you ever see yourself incorporating more
theatrical elements into your shows?

SAGEkillz: definitely. for bigger shows I want to incorporate a lot of visual media

SAGEkillz: slides...projectors....but beyond that I want to start incorporating some more original things. I can't let the cat out of the bag yet

x: Are you currently working with any VJs on those ideas?

SAGEkillz: no, I have no idea what to do

x: Beyond rapping, do you have any aspirations to cross over into other media?

SAGEkillz: I don't care to cross over to rap. I do plan on doing lots of things. Writings...and different kinds of music. I have a lot of things I want to get done. Books are DEFINITELY going to happen...but I know that won't be an easy task. non-hiphop albums are inevitable

x: transitioning to social issues, respond: freedom of speech and thought in America is under systematic attack.

SAGEkillz: It's scary and threatening. I don't take it lightly

x: Does it give the act of spoken word a different significance?

SAGEkillz: perhaps. it might make it more of a statement to just speak into the silent air. nothing to mask it.

x If you were comissioned to redesign the World Trade towers, what would they look like?

SAGEkillz: They would look like two high fives

x: high fiving each other?

SAGEkillz: yeah...the building itself would be a long arm...and the top would be in the shape of a hand about to connect with other building's hand

x: I saw a sign today that read, "Who Would Jesus Bomb?" What do you do with a statement like that?

SAGEkillz: put it in a song.

x: Can you make up a little stanza right now using the WWJB phrase?

SAGEkillz: you didn't notice that I snuck that phrase into the end of Makeshift Patriot at the show? I did.
SAGEkillz: "Who would Jesus Bomb?
What did you do to my penis, mom?"

x: I did not notice. Figures, a little too clever for a pothead to come up with on his own.
x: That about does it for my questions. Anything you'd like to get off your chest?

SAGEkillz: besides this wet t-shirt? hmmmmm. Lets not vote for Bush in 2004 either.

x: who are you voting for?

SAGEkillz: the cuter of the two evils

x: awww

SAGEkillz: do you have a better choice?

x: no choice seems prudent at this juncture

- Aesthetic Magazine
Post Sun Mar 09, 2003 12:58 am
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man yer interviews are always entertaining heh
Post Sun Mar 09, 2003 1:37 am
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rainy miles

Joined: 09 Mar 2003
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a book?? that would be pretty damn amazing... get it down! lol... other genres of music... like what?

ive seen footage of you at scribble jam, and seen other pics of ya, you a metallica fan! come over to britain... come see em at reading, play as well! that would be the best get more british kids into where the heart is really at. all the kids over here wonna be f*cking thugs. guess some things will never change.

rainy x
Post Sun Mar 09, 2003 3:35 pm
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