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HTDD gets four stars from OZ's Rave Magazine
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Sage Francis
Self Fighteous

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HTDD gets four stars from OZ's Rave Magazine  Reply with quote

SAGE FRANCIS Human The Death Dance
(Epitaph / Shock)

Half battle rap, half slam poetry

Sage Francis is like a beat poet only with breakbeats supporting his poetry instead of bongo drums. Also, hes more likely to be rapping about politics or his ex-girlfriend than trying to find a rhyme for clitoris. All that rapping about his break-ups got him labelled emo-rap and I guess he got sick of that, because the title and cover of his new album here are so painfully emo it has to be parody. Dear God and Chuck D, please let it be parody. Highlights are: Got Up This Morning, uncharacteristically about the beginning of a relationship, with equally uncharacteristic but kickass blues-guitar underpinnings; Civil Obedience, in which he uses his voice like a hand grenade thrown at the sheepish masses; Underground For Dummies, his new manifesto for underground hip hop; and Midgets & Giants, which builds on that manifesto to reiterate one of his favourite themes that hip hop doesnt need to be about thug-life, homophobia and careerism. He takes the chance for another much-deserved pot-shot at Eminem and those hes inspired (8 Mile was just a promotional tool, shithead), using a battle rap to target those who think being able to battle rap will make them famous. Hes kind of shooting himself with his own gun there, but what could be more emo than suicide? Anyway, although some of the topics are familiar, the music is the best hes had, never just a prop for the words but instead a vital counterpoint. And he samples Iron Chef for the win.


Post Sat Jun 30, 2007 7:28 pm
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