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The tell me something interesting about your life thread
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eggplant xanadu

Joined: 10 Oct 2002
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Location: Boston
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errrrrrrrrrrrrrrghhhhhhhh"""kaaa dunkkkkkkk.drrrrrrrrrrrrsssssssssssssssshhhh
at this point Eggplant is upside down in a compact vehicle...
due to the fact he was going 70 around a serious corner in
the Hanover Mall parking lot in Hanover,MA.

the car crashed upside-down with me in it.
and i was rolled upside-down un-scathed.
i rode the crash out like a slam from back in the my jaded mind.

i crawled out of the car upside-down still and exited to stand upright and look at the car still on its roof with the tires spinning...there were beers scattered around too.

i collected the beers and threw them in a nearby river and
returned back to the wreck to find the car still upside-down on the side of the road.

im looking at the car upside down and then i look to my right and see a car coming.
i think its a cop but im not sure at all yet,

then the car passes me and its actually a bronco,
and it stops after seeing me....

suddenly the passenger jumps put of the bronco and looks at me and yells'''
Kevin?????,Killilea...what the fuck did you do?!!!


old friend Dan Nagerean or Nudge hasnt seen me in 4 years until this.

Nudge:Are you fucked up...are you on coke??
Eggplant X:Noooo...Dan i swear i was just was Kristin...she wouldnt drive to Kingston."...
Eggplant X:"I need to get this thing back over!!!!!!!!!!!"

at this point it becomes crazy...


next thing i know two huge motherfuckers jump out of the bronco and come over to me and Dan Nudgerean standing next to my upside-down car...
we all start rocking it....rocking it,,,,,,

the fucking thing tipped back over on its wheels...

EggX:thanks Nudge!"

DanNuderean:"what the fuck"

i hopped in and drove the smashed car away from the crime scene

Kevin Killilea

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Post Fri Dec 27, 2002 11:20 pm
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natas sevol dog

Joined: 02 Dec 2002
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Location: dallas area
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hmm lets see, I was born in Spain , moved to usa when I was 3months old, the plane flight fucked up my hearing in one of my ears.
was in those classes for smart kids from begining of school till 6th grade.
was mad fun of everyday in 6th and 7th grade because i listenend to "metal" and i lived in houston.moved to the dallas area in 7th grade, made friends with all the skater kids and started helping them steal ciggerettes, which in turn started me on smoking. stole almost everyday till 10th grade, didnt really matter what just aslong as i walked out the store with something, threw away most of what i stole. my parents took me too a bunch of different pyschiatrist and therapist in elementary and middle school because of the pictures i would draw . quit ciggs in 9th grade, but started on weed and beer. havent stopped that. went threw a phase in 10th and 11th grade where i would do any drug that was offered or could get a hold of. i have a whole lot of trouble having conversations with people i dont know for a long time. my best friend was murdered in 10th grade, had 3 more friends murdered or commited suicide before highschool was over. unfortunatly still smoke pot every day almost. i listen to reggae,punk,metal,hiphop,electronic, country and pretty much there is atleast 1 or 2 people or groups i like in every genre of music. havent had a girlfriend in about 3 or 4 years. have had 2 consistent dreams with a 3rd semiconsisten, #1 i am able to jump extremly high distances and just run and jump around the country. #2 im in a library or bookstore and my vision is very blurry and when i cant talk. #3 my teeth fall out, i put them in my mouth and they go back but then fall out again.sorry i guess this isnt interesting, but i like to talk and its very hard for me to express myself in person . oh yeah, and out of all my friends now i think only 2 of them accually like me and all of them probably wish i would hurry up and move to colorado
Post Sat Dec 28, 2002 2:28 am
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Joined: 01 Jul 2002
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I haven't posted more than once in the past few months, and this thread makes me feel extremely good knowing people share problems, similar or different's comforting, so here's mine.

I love my mom more than anything or anyone on this entire planet. I don't think it's even emotionally possible to love someone this much whichout imploding or something crazy like that, but I do. She could be the exact definition of beauty. Nothing could ever change the fact that no one will come close to comparison of how precious she is, and I will never love anyone as much as her. Everything seems like shit compared to her. And it fucking sucks I haven't seen her in 14 years and never will again. I regret every moment leading up to and during that chunk of time that caused that statement to be true.
My mom only dated drug addict alcoholic mexicans, which is what my dad is. They were split up and seeing other people (another druggie alkie mexican for my mom, who also beat us both and has been jailed many times for molesting the neighborhood children of my old neighborhood, even to this day) by the time I was born.My dad would come around for visits to see my mom and me, and my mom's brother who lived in our basement. He'd beat her and me, hide drug money and drugs in our house, blah blah blah. My mom decided she loved herself and me to much to let him keep doing that to us and stood up for herself. A short while after that, 4 months after I turned 4 of Dec 2nd. 1988 my dad broke in to our house with his friend and beat my mother for 4 hours before murdering her. I saw him do it. He was never convincted and still walks free 14 years later b/c they can't trust a 4 year old to know who her dad is. His father was in prison for murder years earlier too. They've never tried to contact me but I hear he's dying from alcoholism ...thank god. (His sister in TX is the only one of their family that talks to us b/c she took our side on the whole murder case).

Since I was 4 I've lived with my mom's parents, and over the years, 7 of my moms brothers and sisters who have all moved out by now.

When I was 9 I started smoking cigarettes. By 13 I was drinking and doing various drugs. I had a problem only with acid and weed. I grew out of both and am now only dealing with being an alcoholic and a speed fiend.

I was in the honor classes all thru elementary school. Left public schooling after my freshman year in high school. Went to a technical charter high school. I worked my ass off b/c music is my life and I wanted to start my life and career in it already so I graduated at 16 to start my schooling in the music world. Then I freaked out and decided to take a year off b/c I was only 16 and didn't know what the fuck I was doing. I regret that now b/c I coulda had my first degree by 17 and going on my second. *I plan on getting at least 3.

Between 13 and 16, my grandparents put me in the mental hospital 3 times. Once for bad behaviour and threatening to run away, once for being bulemic/anorexic and once for doing drugs and trying to "OD" and slit my wrists. I agreed each time to get out to see the therapist I saw from the ages of 4-8 for my mothers death. Each time I went once and got out of it.

Through growing up, my moms brothers and sisters have been like mine. Besides her, there are 4 boys and 3 girls. 2 of the boys are extremely addicted alcoholics, cokeheads, and do many other things like herion, etc, etc. They've graduated AA and NA about 9 times each over the past 15-20 years. One of them continues to make random suicide threates out of the blue by showing up in our backyard screaming trying to drown himself in our pool at least once a year. The other has awful heart problems and isnt expected to live past 40. The oldest boy who has a broken back (from smoking pot on his roof while his 10 yr old was home) is a steady pot smoker in his 40's. All of them have kids. None of the girls have gotten into drugs heaviliy but 2 of them are aspiring alcoholics and one married and divorced by 19. The youngest and myself have just been getting into the dangers of alcoholism with drinking constantly and hospitals.

I just got completely out of a 4 year abusive relationship in Sept. I met someone who helped me become strong enough to do that, after several people failed to succeed. We started dating. 3 months later he started cheating on me with some bitch named Bridgette and continues to do so unknowing of the fact that I've caught them well over 20 times. He thinks we're still together, and I'm NOT the mysterious person breaking in his car, keying it, pretending I'm "Bridgette" and handing out his phone number to guys at the club or shows, etc etc. I've come to the conclusion no matter what anyone does for you, or how wonderful they seem ...they will always screw you over if you let them to close. I like sex. Nymphomania is a fucking fun.

To sum up the rest quickly, b/c there is way to much more that I don't even want to get into ...for about 1.5 years I've been living back and forth with friends and at my grandparents. For the past 4 months I've only been home about 1 week total. I am now 18 and finally moving into a set home I can call MINE this weekend. I finally got a job after about a year of unemployment. I attend college at the Institute of Production and Recording in MPLS and hope to some day have my own studio and label, whatnot.

Music is my life. I meet most artists that inspire me b/c I bug their security, management, them, whatever until they agree to meet me. I hated rap and hiphop until I found local/underground hiphop about 5 years ago. I still hate rap. I love all other music besides techno and country. I hate ravers. I love Australian music. I love Australia. I love animals. I am a vegetarian since '97 converting to veganism slowly as I move out on my own. (No one supports this idea at all) I am an animal rights activist. I got into vegetarianism by an Australian band and into Activism when I was into the local hardcore gutter punk scene. I am not racist, sexist, agist, or prejudice in any way towards the human race b/c I hate you all the same and that will never change. I want to live forever but I never want to be cloned.

Thanks enough fun facts. I'm sleepy now. Thanks for still reading this if you are ...

Post Sat Dec 28, 2002 4:00 am
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Joined: 28 Dec 2002
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I doubt anyone will read this since it's on the 6th page but i need something to do so why not type it.

I'm 17 and about to graduate high school, after which i plan on going to college and majoring in psychology. I'd like to be a psychological profiler or psychoanalyst, whichever is more realistic. I'm really opinianated and very cocky about my intelligence, i'm hoping i'll grow out of that soon. I also seem to have a patterned curse on my life.

When i was 3 my grandma on my moms side died. When i was 5 my grandpa on my dads side, who i was very close to, died due to hospital negligence.

When i was 10 my sister, brother, and i were taken away from my mom by D.C.F.S because she was considered unfit, my dad was in jail at the time for something involving alcohol, like usual. She got us back when i was 11 then when i was 12 my cousin died. He was riding his dirt bike in colorada and hit a patch of snow, he flew off the bike and landed on his head, cracking the helmet he was wearing in half and leaving him brain dead.

Between 12 and 15 my dad was in and out of jail, rehab, and halfway houses for his alcoholism, today he's recovering, sober for almost a year and a half. 4 months ago the curse came back when i was skating. I broke my fibula and tore all the tendons in my ankle, causing the inside bone to shift out of place. I had to have a metal plate installed to support the bone and make everything heal properly. In 2 more months everything should be healed but there might be a loss of certain motions, leaving my future with skating uncertain. Gping by the pattern something should happen when i'm 19, so i'll let you all know if it does.

I've been in and out of hip hop since about 96. My first exposure to it was my friends older brother and after that i started watching all the videos that MTV played. I "stopped" listening when i went through the whole "rap sucks" phase, because i started skating and rock was what skating was about. I would still catch myself rapping without knowing it. A friend of mine introduced me to atmosphere in 99 and since then i've been getting deeper and deeper into it. I guess i'm still a newjack but hey, the new jacks of today are the all knowing hip hop purists of tomorrow.

Let's see what else, i know this is really long, but i'm bored. I read a lot i took an english class this year called Worlds Greatest Novels just cause i knew there would be a lot of reading in it. I've been writing on and off since i was 11 or 12, but i've thrown everything away, i just recently started keeping stuff. Every english teacher i've had since 8th grade has been telling me that i have potential, but i really dont see it.

Thats about it, oh yeah, i met the first girl i thought i loved freshman year, nothing came out of it, but we're still really close friends.
Post Sat Dec 28, 2002 8:37 am
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