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Michael Moore vs Noam Chomsky
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Awww mn

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sandman00000 wrote:

Is 'Manufacturing Consent' available to rent?

I doubt that Blockbuster would have it, but if there are any independent video stores around where you live, then I def look for it.
Post Mon Dec 09, 2002 2:58 pm
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mr.oblivious wrote:
MessiahCarey wrote:

Just yesterday I was explaining my position on exactly this topic.

They both have a lot to offer, but hinder themselves by being too much of what they are...Michael Moore sometimes obscures important facts with an overabundance of personality and Chomsky will often lack any personality whatsoever and replace it instead with heavy intellectualism - which hurts the points he's trying to make.

And I would, beleive it or not, debate Chomsky being on the "left" to begin with...he's clearly an anarchist (even has said it himself). Further left than most, but he's in staunch opposition to the neo-liberalism that has become pervasive in the U.S. and around the world.


how's that? if you're equating so-called "free trade" and globalization policies and agendas with anything truly liberal you're very misguided. chomsky is definitely left, and anarchists traditionally are decidedly far-left. the far-right, pro-corporation "libertarian party", anarcho-capitalists, etc. have nothing to do with anarchism in any historically accurate sense of the word and have simply co-opted the terms "libertarian" and "anarcho-" and plastered them onto agendas that run absolutely counter to the ideas of seminal and modern anarchists like goldman, bakunin, kropotkin and of course chomsky. chomsky himself has written and spoken about this. excuse me if i made an incorrect assumption about what you meant, but you definitely implied that anarchists are not on the left, and i'd have to argue that historically anarchism has been extremely far left.

sorry if this is jumbled. no sleep lately.

We're partially saying the same thing differently because I didn't completely articulate my idea.

But I didn't think that anarchists even came up on a left vs. right radar because of the nature of the beast. I reserve the right to be wrong. ;-)


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Post Mon Dec 09, 2002 2:59 pm
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Starting off with the easy (and cheap) "What Uncle Sam Really Wants" is a good idea with Chomsky.

Post Mon Dec 09, 2002 3:00 pm
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Alot of Chomsky's spoken word albums can be found at

I highly recommend them.
Post Mon Dec 09, 2002 5:11 pm
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