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And the longest!
Post Thu Dec 05, 2002 7:37 am
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Reggie wrote:
This is one of the best threads in the history of this website.

Certainly one of the most productive - I re-read the whole thing, every one of them, last night. It's funny because there's so many points I wanted to make AGAIN that I had missed the first time, but for fear of beating it to death I opted not to. DjDee had to tell someone to relax, and they did...this whole thing has just been a good example of how message boards can be far more productive for discussing these issues than actually DISCUSSING them in person...y'know?

Disagreements are a time to reassert your own beleifs - or change them if good reasoning and/or evidence is provided to the contrary. If I had said that I didn't take anything djdee said into advisement and reconsider my opinion I'd be lying...this is a productive exchange of ideas - this is what they should be doing on Capitol Hill every day...we're "arguing" (discussing) based on a combination of ideology, reason and facts (including personal experience). Instead, Capitol Hill arguments are based on a combination of receiving votes, special interest groups, and corporate lobbies, feel me (pause)?

How about this ticket for the 2008 election:

DjDee for President
Shane for Vice President (I'd rather be the deciding vote in the Senate than the brunt of political blame. Plus - that means I could vote against his gun regulations. ;-)

I will get those numbers soon though - in looking, it seems as if Atlanta would probably be the best state to compare Mass to in terms of population. I think I wanna look at two things with it:

How strict are the gun laws?
How many people are below the poverty line?
How many gun deaths are there?

I have a feeling that you're going to find that a state with more people living under the poverty line will have more killings - regardless of gun laws. In my eyes, if that is the case, you could easily attribute the gun deaths to cultural reasons and not access to weapons. I beleive I'll find that in states that have MORE people below the poverty line, with relaxed gun laws will have LESS gun deaths than a state with less people below the poverty line and more strict gun regulations - if the numbers point differently, I'll wipe the egg off my face and I'll move on with a different standpoint. that I think of it, if I can just get the numbers I could make a quick php/mysql database app that could make all the comparisons for me and compare ALL the states...hmmmmmmm....I could make a job out of this, but you can't run for office with a record (well, you can, but it's political suicide - especially with drug charges. Heh.)

Problem is that I've done most of this posting at work, but I have to be home to do the research - but it's on my list of things to do.

As a side note, my friend is doing well...he hasn't detoxed yet (they still won't let him in) but he's weening himself off, he comes over my house for a couple or three days to be sick (withdrawals, etc.) and then leaves and gets a fix that lasts the same length of time (I won't let him have that shit anywhere near my house)...repeats the gives him a half a week of clarity, and they seem to be getting less severe as time goes on so hopefully eventually he can eventually avoid that fix altogether. He already has no desire to get high anymore, which is the really important part. Any naysayers to this method needs to remember that this is someone that was spending $140 a week and is down to $40. I really hope this works.

Post Thu Dec 05, 2002 9:09 am
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