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The tell me something interesting about your life thread
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Sage Francis
Self Fighteous

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what is HPV?
Post Mon Nov 18, 2002 3:32 am
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This is going to sound grottie, but I never tell anyone.....And sure I'll never meet you to shake your hand so...

well, maybe Sage, and I already shook his muah hah haaa!!!

Under my desk, are boogers, millions, billions that cover the underside..

I was born in California, I live in California. My mom's from Honduras, she's been here for more than 30 years, she still has her accent, it's pretty strong and she does whatever she needs to do to support her kids. My dad could give a rats ass about us, He's from El Salvador.

My sister is a recovering alchoholic with 7 childeren. Kids have 3 different dads, 2 of the kids are with thier real dad, and the other 5 are with the step dad that wont let her have the kids back due to her alcoholism which she stopped. She left him and got a divorce to this manipulative, aggresive man. One of the kids thinks that her step dad is the real father and is learning to hate her mother because she left the kids..

My brother is doing well on his own making his own living as a shipment manager at a company called inhale, which he recntly got fired from. He's a flake when it comes to dining with me and my mom. He lies or picks his friends over his family sometimes when he doesn't wanna see us. I live in a broken family and hate to deal with the this reality.

My Dad's another flake, he somehow "Losses our phone number." And rarely makes contact with his kids. He still owes $27,390 for not paying child support. Government is on his ass for that and he can't leave the country. He has trouble communicating with me due to his vocabulary and that he holds everything inside. He's a maitre de at the Hyatt hotel that he's been workign at for about 20 years. Jerk never calls me anymore.

Me. I live in an obcure mind, faced with obscure religous aspects about God and Satan. I try to understand without the need of church or a Bible, I read it everynow and then but I constantly think about this for reasons that I believe are true. I did acid, and had this revelation. You people are the only people I tell this to. I pray everynight to get all of this chaos out of me. I don't really havea religon. I'd like to say catholisism, or christianity but I can't. I'm a crazy person.. And I can't stand living like this anymore. I have chotic thouhgts that people are reading my mind and time is decieving me. I thought that the clock ticks backwards one day, and the thought got worse. nothign but chaos after that.

I was poor in attendance at school. I met up with the wrong people, and did some drugs. I did acid and thats when I started feeling out of it. I cry every now and then when I start feeling scared of my emotions. The music usually helps me get through the day thoguh.

I then recovered my high school credits in independant studies. Made a speech at the high school ceremony, (independant studies one) And graduated at a REAL high school.

I've been drawing since I was 8. One of my talents.

I believe in God and respect the word.

I've never had a girlfriend. I usually obsess on the girls I like and become underconfident and nervous when confronted.

I dont have many friends.

I'm still a virgin, Sagitarius, December 15th 1983 was when I was born.

I don't have a job..

If you want to know more.... www.livejournal.come/users/infinitrinity

I experience these feelings that people call De Ja Vu alot..

I'm a lost soul..

[]D e a c e ![/img]
Post Mon Nov 18, 2002 4:29 am
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I was born in 1969
I never almost died.
I grew up in Teesside, England.
We don't have acronymical childhood attention related illnesses in the UK, so instead I had to make do with asthma from the age of 12.
I smoked for about 5 years and then stopped.
I live with my girlfriend, Jane, who I have been with for 9 or 10 years. I guess we didn't think it would last long enough to bother remembering the start date.
I now live in a village outside of Leeds.
I was/am in a band called Barlow. We haven't played together for about 3 years, but we can't bringourselves to say we have split up.
We were better than we gave ourselves credit for (I have now decided, listening to old tapes).
We once supported Third Eye Blind and blew them off the stage, not that that is any sort of achievment!
I DJ'd for 8 years for a living, but not in any skillful mixing type way, I just played records that people liked to dance to, one after the other. It paid the rent.
I have a dog called Jimi.
I have been a vegetarian for about 9 years.
My drug intake is limited to salbutamol, becotide and alcohol.
I am very close to releasing my first single on my record label, after several years of threatening to. Some of you may be familiar with the artist. The theme will be love.
I just bought a new BMX in a sad attempt to be 14 again.
I still have my 1965 Lambretta so that I can remain 17 for ever.
My close friends still call me Mod. I was giving the name on my first day at big school, turning up in a parka that was so big the whole thing dragged on the floor. I looked like one leg of a nu-metal kid, nothing but cloth from floor to head/knee.
Tomorrow Jane and I are going to London to see Sage and Sole.
On average I recieved a spam titled "Try it and let me know" every 18 hours.
David Gedges uncle sometimes drinks in my local.
Maybe one day I will use that line as a lyric.
Post Mon Nov 18, 2002 4:57 am
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around 2:45 pacific time half watching sportscenter and half still thinking about the movie bowling for columbine that I saw maybe around two hours ago, movie/documentary was fucking on point, some interesting facts and interviews and what not...this thread is dope as fuck cause it sort of creates a face to all yall names...heres my dilemma

im a 21 year old still living at home and im balding at an alarming rate which is the fucking worst thing that can ever happen to is fucking madness because i am obsessed with looks and perfection being an aspiring graphic design artist therefore along with this rapid hairloss came madd personality changes and shit which i bless on no one...

ive only had sex twice which was with the same girl

i have a PASSION for older...married...women

i used to smoke mass marijuana and drink stupidly, mostly in my high school years...all of which has done a complete 180 in my life..

i feel myself getting more stupid by the day

i can never make the music in my head stop playing

i lost one of my front teeth when i was ten and know have to wear a retainer in my mouth with a fake front tooth mounted on teh front FOREVER because i am too poor to fix nor have dental insurance that cover this type of shit

i am 6'3 and used to be an above average basketball player...until i sprained my ankle severly which has held me from playing at the same level since...this is probably the worst thing thats ever happened to me since i am a sports FREAK...actually its not just sports, i am a freak for basicly anything that is competitive

i live in chula vista which is about 15 minutes from the border of mexico

i have enormous sideburns

i love all especially...and would probably go insane if sage shut down teh nonprphets forum around the same time that my favorite radio program host art bell retires

i deliver pizzas for a jewish arab and work in construction doing fire sprinklers

i believe sage has the tightest fans

Post Mon Nov 18, 2002 5:16 am
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The Dead Poet

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in the fith grade i kicked Eric Estrada(remember the dude from CHIPS the cops on the motorcycles) in the shin...:) then ran

i once balled up lil Romeo while he was at Michael Jordan Flight school at UCSB

the #1 running back in the history of high school football(yard wise) used to be on my YFL team in which i used to pick on him...

his name was Tyler E-Bell plays for UCLA now...
Post Mon Nov 18, 2002 11:30 am
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i thought this was something interesting about your life, not your whole life story. i mean ive been to rehab and the whole 9, but i thought the 6 toes thing was cool. im not gonna spill my shit here of all places, cuz i pay my therapist too much for that. oh well......
Post Mon Nov 18, 2002 1:18 pm
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Sage Francis wrote:
what is HPV?

im guessing human papaloma virus...excuse the spelling
Post Mon Nov 18, 2002 2:43 pm
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This thread is the best damn thing I've read in about a month.

HPV is genital warts.

I dropped out of school after the first grade. I lived with my mother and a sister who was my elder by 6 years. When mom went to work and sis went to school, I would go downtown and play chess with street people. considering the amount of practice I've had, i'm remarkably bad at it.

I've had many relationships, but only been sexually involved in 4 of them.

I moved out of the house when i was 16 to support my younger sister who was kicked out by her mom (we are only half siblings). We still live together in a one bedroom apartment, I sleep on the couch. I consider her to be the one thing I've ever done right and want nothing more then to see her do something with her life. She is so smart it scares me. We are very similar, we look, and act almost indentically. We both chain smoke and are insomniacs.

I hate TV, Most music, and a lot of people.

I like to fight, but hate winning.

I've never been arrested but thats mostly due to dumb luck.

I got into a fight with someone I never met before today.

This feels like emotional masterbation so I'm going to stop now. I really didn't mean to sound so condisending. I understand that, while my life may not be perfect, I've had it better then most. I'm not complaining. While my decisions may have been stupid, they are mine, and I regret nothing.
Post Mon Nov 18, 2002 3:45 pm
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i'm 17 and i've been nearly everywhere in the world, nearly every country in europe, india, egypt, australia, i lived in the middle east for 10 years in Dubai, all over south america, canada, mexico, china, taiwan, japan, mongolia, south africa, lived in london for 1 year. i guess tha'ts about as international as kids get. i now live in texas and wish i could get away from this shithole

My family is stinking rich and i'm somehow unhappy because i get everything i fucking want.

i can never leave. i always thought i could be independent, but now i realize that i'm too spoiled to talk care of my own damn self

i'm chinese. i can speak chinese and understand it all, except i have the literacy of a 2 year old.

i listen to alternative because i like to sit there feeling jaded and i listen to punk rock because i go on these manic highs that last for a few hours, so i can go back to feeling shitty the next day. i especially like punk bands that no one has heard of. my favorite is Bowling for Soup, they're from Denton, and possibly the one good thing that's come out of TX

i hate people, but i don't hate anyone really. i get insanely ragingly jealous

only schools like berkeley, northwestern, and duke want me. i've been deferred from MIT, Harvard, and Caltech, and i am thinking maybe i should send in a tape of me playing piano. maybe they'll accept me. but why am i complaining cause half the people i know can't even get in those schools

i'm really emotionally masochistic. when i'm depressed i tell friends to yell at me. i once had someone beat the shit out of me because i was dperessed. i've poisoned myself and thrown up for 3 days. afterwards i realize i don't have any real problems because if i did, i'd be fucking around, doing every drug on the face of the planet, and 8 months pregnant. then i'd really be fucked.

i have one brother. he is a fucking genius. he was on the news when i was 10 and he was 12 because he made a fucking 1600 on his SAT I in 7th grade. He got loads of scholarships. he goes to caltech now and my parents are soooo fucking proud of him. i'm jealous.

I used to swim and want to be a navy seal but then someone told me girls can't be navy seals.

All i've ever wanted was to please my parents. It's not possible. i think after 9th grade i was like "fuck them" i flipped them off for the 1st time in 9th grade and after that i kinda stopped caring. they think i'm failing all my classes. How can i fail all my classes? i'm number 14 in a class of 632. i wish they would go to hell.

i have a ABRSM teaching certificate so if i am ever unemployed i can go to england and teach piano.

i argue with my parents all the time and i want to move out. i just...can't...

i'd die if i was ever on my own.
Post Fri Dec 27, 2002 1:33 am
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I just finished reading all of these, and i am blown away. This is an amazing idea, peoples.

Anyone, i feel like i need to add my life tastes.. Its not much im only a 17, 18 in a few weeks so here: By the way, this is my current interp of my life- it changes all the time

I don't remember my youth.. i was born in cali, moved to florida, then to panama, then now texas since 4th grade. Family was an air force family so i was used to it. I remember myself being a wierd kid - i would watch tv when i wasn't outside: i watched CNN Headline news all the time! That an Space Ghost- such a cool show, i don't know how it was open for kids to watch.

Anyway only life threatening ish i've went thro is my mom almost died when i was in panama, we were on the other side of of the country on the alantic coast on an island when a boat went by - sliced some fish's scales which flew by and hit her in the neck.. she lost alot of blood. She barely made it, luckily they dispatched a helipcopter and got to her in time. Oh yeah, and one other time on our way back my dad was held at machetti point by people who robbed us. Everyone was crying except me, i guess Baudrillard's Disaster Porn thesis is correct.

Anyway, time passed, i joined school. I was really popular thro 9th grade. I was in the "in crowd" lots of dententions, suspended from school, behavioral adjustment center, etc. I was lucky i was able to stay away from smoking and drugs, and alot of alcohol. i guess my fear of my parents scared me off it. Anyway, 9 th grade roles by as such, was elected class president for that year, etc..

then second block roles along- after my entire life being dedicated to soccer, i do not make the school team. It was devastating to me. Apparently i was too fat adn too short - and not fast enough. I think this goes back to a change in my around then. Before that i was like everyone else i could stand out, i was assertive, outgoing, etc. Then i noticed everyonoe was gettin way taller than me.. Everyone hited puberty whereas i did not. Not this may not seem like much but to a young kid it sucked. Locker-room banter, everyone asserting themselves with girls where i had nothing to offer. I became secluded, stayed by myself, stopped hanging out with my old friends completely. Became a recluse. Lucky for me i did have a way out- i joined debate that year and became involved in that - went to camp that summer at University of North Texas for 3 weeks. was s'ok.

Sophomore year rolls around- i go for soccer again- stop caring bout my scholl work, am socially outcasted for my lack of assertiveness. Am really nervous with girls (someone i wasn't when i was normal) I still havent' hit puberty, i feel subhuman. Other debaters on the team (seniors) make fun of me constantly.. every day.. we don't have a coach anymore so all they do is make fun of me.. no my dick is not 7 inches long.. i would go home wishin i was normal, that i hit puberty, that i was normal. That year really sucked, i would have constant dreams of bring a gun to school and doing something.. Lucky it never got past that. I made the soccer team that year. Played less then 1/2 of the games (due to debate) , and played roughly 5 min a game (coaches - football coaches- hated me, i was slow) funny tho i was 3rd highest scorer on the JV team with like 5 goals. I go to debate camp again - up at northwestern for 4 weeks had a blast- made alot of friends. got introduced to atmosphere there.. moved on from Rage then.

Junior year- we have a new coach.. she is a cool cat, her husband is/was an amazing college debater. All seems set, yet its not. I have to quit soccer for debate. -time to choose- i start focusin on my studies alittle. My coach decides to hook me up with a girl, my first one sense my old self. I had just started puberty that summer.. and was changing- hella late eh? i was 16- i become attatched to this girl. But she's a bitch and i know it- but i can't help it. She tells me we should be together, but hte next weekend she's found a random guy and made out with him and stuff in front of me. Two weeks roll by we charter a bus with another school to new orleans for a debate tournament. A girl picks me out there. Im a junior and 16- shes a senior and 18 - statutory rape?- she calls me to the back seat where im oblivious to anything.. she gives me a back rub, i give her one, next thing i know she's giving me a bj- in the back of a crowded bus.. boy did it catch me out of nowhere. I didnt; know what the hell i was doing. Anyway weekend continues and that night more happens- im soo inexperienced i don't know what the hell to do and she giudes me, same stuff happens, but with less success.. final night she spends the night in my bed- start goin at it making out and ish.. but then i hear someone wake up so we stop and i fall asleep and she so wanted to fuck.. HA i was soo illprepared. I'm soo happy tho nothing happened cuz i didn't want to take that risk with her of stds cuz i don't know her. Hell i didn't know her name till afterwards and i forget it to this day. I feel taken advantage of. anyway, afterwards somehow her coach finds out, tells our school- our coach gets horribly pissed at me for the next 6 mo she hates me. The school ends me too. that sucked.. and this girl that i liked did somethign worse than stop anythign between us, she forgave me and used it against me even tho we weren't "together then"... next six month roll by i get deeply attatched to this girl. like 6 hrs on the phone each night attatched.. coach hates me.. trys to get me to quit debate many many times.. this girl's mom hates me. she slowly prevents her from seeing me. then come end of february she says i can't see her anymore. This entire time i've been tryin to "be officail with this girl" too- but this whole time each night after "i love you" she would say somethign like "im not ready for a boyfriend" etc. Now i can't see her. we go on like this her occasionally sneakin out and she keeps tellin me things will change when she gets her own car during the summer. Prom rolls around and she informs me that since i did not ask her 9 wks in advance, she already said yes to some football guy whos like 7ft tall. They're supposebly friends but he's said he's wanted more on many occasions. I give in, decide to bring my friend from houston instead. Prom rolls around, i spend the time with girl instead of friend. Football guy gets pissed and leaves the prom.. he comes back.. prom ends. On the way out to our car with friend he calls us over. He preceeds to mock her and ask "if she likes her pussy loose" she cries. And all the while i feel hopeless. I can't do anything. im 5'6 -hes 7 ft, im 130, hes 260. I just stood there and listened. She began crying and we left. What a great prom night. Followin week i don't talk to girl. She comes back and apoligizes and says she didn't tell him to do it. I believe her. I forgive her. Boy am i fucked up. she continues to profess her love for me and promise better times. I buy into it. .. head over heals. Last few weeks of school roll round- i was attatched to her golore- day before sats one day on the phone she said : "guess what chris, im having the best day of my life im ready for a boyfriend and I have one now, his name is X and he's a college sophmore" - that line opened my eyes to 6mo being led on by her- for her gain. 6 months wasted. i think i cried that night for the first time in a few years. i bombed the sat's the next day with a 1320. For the next few weeks i still talked to her.. i never said more than 2 words in an hr.. i just sat there.. she ignored me.... i decided finally not to talk to her. I haven't since.

Senior Year- debate camp again this time at Catholic Univ in DC that summer it was a blast- tho no girlage. i have no prospects. im horribly loney but a girl from camp at northwestern kept me company. we were both goin thro shit. School begins. i am a new person. Coach has forgiven me. I don't talk to the girl even tho i share a class with her. - the class has 6 people. She tries to talk to me or give me a hug but i ignore her completley. Its my only comfort for those wasted months, for being used. I retake my sats- 1450 this time. I do exceptionally well in my ap classes for school. I begin to do really well in debate. We're in the top 16 in the nation as a team, outof many many thousand. Lots of Colleges are offering me money to debate. Colleges i want to go to can't - Northwestern, University of Texas plan2. But all is good. Im tryign another girl this time. I really like her. she's smart unlike the last one- way smarter than me, and politically conscious too- doesnt' call everything "gay" like that last one. I love hott smart politcally oriented chicks! (or womyn when im not writing stream of consciousness) Sure, this girl is alittle frustrating at times at showing emotion- somethign that has deep paralels to the last girl and hence deep pains -but i can manage and its soo worth it. She's gona read all this i hope she doesn't think im a freak for my life choices. I think this one will work out well tho. Hopefully ill be seein her saturday. Well this is most of my life.. minue a few stories i forgot to mention.

I've goten into sage alot after the girl probs- sage is now my lifeblood. Keeps me going. Thanks bro.

Keep on Living.

Quick Editing- Not everything is grand ofcouse- have no idea how i'll pay for the colleges i really want to go to, Our school just stopped our debate budgeting, have to get past this "not caring for the family" dillema i have, and need to do college apps- peace


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Post Fri Dec 27, 2002 2:26 am
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holy shit, this was just can you guys talk so much about yourselves? damn...
Post Fri Dec 27, 2002 2:28 am
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self-gratification.  Reply with quote  

Damn. I'm late to this shit, but
Aroen wrote:
Even though I haven't talked to him before I noticed that another person that likes The Cure is Laz Divine. What up homie?

Word. The Cure is that classic shit.

"Disintegration is the greatest album ever!" - Kyle

Sage shook my hand. Even though I've met him many times, talk to him after shows, gave him a beat, etc, I don't look him in the eye. I don't look anyone in the eye. I'm even shy around someone I've known for 6 years.

Let's go.

When my mother had me, she put a paperbag on my head and upper body and left me in the city park in a foot of snow. A nurse found me. I was put up for adoption. My mother never told my father when I was born or what she did. He showed up at my adoption hearing a few weeks later and saw me for the first time. Then he had to sign papers to give me away.
I look black. But I'm white. 50% Polish/Dutch, 50% Latino.
I have family I don't even know about.
When I was a few months old I almost died twice. Once of a stomach/colon virus, once of pneumonia.
The first and last time I tried to kill myself I was 10.
My best friend was murdered at 13. I barely escaped with my life.
When I was too old to beat up, my guardians kicked me out off and on. I was homeless from age 14 to 16. I rode the rails all over this country. I declared myself indepedent at 16.
My fiancee introduced me to Nine Inch Nails, straight-edge and my first kiss. I met her when I was 14. We were both homeless.
I was married at 16 by this nice old minister in Southern Jersey. Not legally, only by ceremony.
My wife was murdered February 14, 2000. R.I.P.
From age 10 to 14, about 8 different therapists/psychiatrists/psychologists misdiagnosed me over and over for my depression and pumped me full of 16 different drugs.
I'm extremely emotional.
I used to fall in love very easily. These days I can't fall in love at all.
I dropped out of school 6 months shy of graduating because my severe depression stayed undiagnosed and I could no longer handle life.
3 nervous breakdowns. 1 hospital visit.
Never smoked a cigarette, weed; never had alcohol; still a virgin.
I've had insomnia for 4 years. I've been taking 3 to 6 Tylenol PMs (or 4 Melatonin) for 4 years to sleep. This past spring, doctors said I had cirrohsis of the liver due to the excess amout of pills I took. This past summer I found out they were morons.
If I could walk outside of myself for a moment, I'd stab me.
I've been rhyming since I was about 5 or 6. I've been producing since I was 12. Music is my only talent.
I haven't been able to write a song since this time last year.
The first Hip-Hop artist I ever heard was Ice-T.
I listen to every genre of music except polka and rave-type music.
Off and on I perform folk music, play keys/piano in a jazz quintet and produce a post-punk band.
I'm a sadist.
I lost all faith in love years ago.
God owes me.
I'm the VP of a label that will never get off the ground.
I am currently at a friend's house using her computer because when it's not below freezing I sleep in the backseat of my car. Tonight it's about 26 degrees and Roxie is forcing me to sleep at her place.
Tomorrow I start the 3rd factory job of my life.
When I was 13, myself and five other friends made a prediction (half-jokingly) that none of us were going to make it to age 21. Out of the six of us, I'm the only one left.
I turn 21 on February 26, 2004.
I have no happy memories. And if I do, I can't remember them.
Post Fri Dec 27, 2002 4:58 am
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Hi. My name is Timothy Steuer, 21 and I'm a mut (a strange mix of korean, australian, italian descent.) Born in the Valley, I've lived in Southern California all my life but feel like Europe is more my place. My life has been pretty eventful to say the least so I'll try to write you my Cliff's Notes.

Iím spoiled as shit and it bothers other people. I love music. I love making music. Iím a deejay. I donít have a name because I donít want one. I loves the ladies. I'm picky as hell, a reason why I don't get laid as much as I'd like. I release hideous flatulence at times, ones incomprehensible to man. I like to burp after chugging beers, then I like to enjoy pissing after chugging those beers. Iíve probably done just about every drug on displayed on erowid, recreationally. I smoke pot, I love pot. It evens me out. I live by myself in a one bedroom apartment I recently set up my walk-in closet as a grow room and planted well over 15 seeds. They all turned out to be males, hermies, or shit strain except for 1. That one was a beauty though. Never broken any bones, knock on wood. I like to skateboard but Iím a pussy about trying new shit cuz I fucking hate falling. I doubt Iíll get any better but itís fun nonetheless. Iím smoking a bowl right now. My parents own their own business called B & B Auto Body, which is slowly progressing in the right direction. My grandma who was injured in a pretty bad car accident still has trouble walking and I get sad about that because she means a lot to me. I have one best friend and his name is Alex. He is a faaaygot. Whenever we get bored, we start shit on the road to kill time, mouth shit to other drivers. Itís not the smartest or safest way to spend time with each other but itís kinda fun if you havenít tried it. So donít hate. Iím a perfectionist to some point. I can be condescending and cynical but once you get to know me, Iím pretty swell. I love art and photography. I go to a graphic design school near my apartment, only 2 more years until I get my Bachelorís Degree. Yay! My dadís client knows the head animator at Disney so hopefully Iíll get hooked up with a jobby job when I graduate. I like to stay in, I like to go out. I have 2 laptops, a vaio and a powerbook g4. I love computers, theyíre therapeutic in a way. I watch a ton of movies on digital cable. Comedy Central is my channel. I own a ps2 and donít regret droppiní 200 bucks at all. Umm. My raver days is a part of my past that Iíd like forget one day. During high school, I was one of those kids that would program worthless shit into their TI-82, programs that would show grey-scaled titties bounce up and down. Iíve had one gay friend in my life, I donít swing that way but weíd get high before school. My dean in high school was a fucker. If he saw my pants sagging, he would clip a combination lock to my belt loops to make my shit extra tight, strangling my balls kinda tight. Masturbation is a sin. Iím a minimalist as well as a sinner. I gotta go but sorry if this makes no sense whatsoever. I get mix-minded when I smoke pot and type.
Post Fri Dec 27, 2002 5:48 pm
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born in queens, ny

cant understand why english people have bad teeth

Airplane is my fav movie

in college

would like to have my name as a moderator on this board (i dont wanna moderate i just want my name there)

huge knicks fan, content with life at the moment

eyedea and sage are neat
Post Fri Dec 27, 2002 10:47 pm
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MOS wrote:
born in queens, ny

cant understand why english people have bad teeth

Airplane is my fav movie

in college

would like to have my name as a moderator on this board (i dont wanna moderate i just want my name there)

huge knicks fan, content with life at the moment

eyedea and sage are neat

MOS that wasnt suck
Post Fri Dec 27, 2002 11:07 pm
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