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KKK do they still exist?
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the kkk was founded after the civil war by former confederates like nathan bedford forrest. and it was all about avenging themselves on blacks and defending their southern ways. the south was primarily protestant which goes back to when the colonies were founded. massachusetts was presbyterian for the puritans, virginia was primarily anglican because it was a colony of the crown (georgia too). and of course there were also the various sects quakers, baptists, lutherans, etc. all over.

however the catholics weren't a large population in the us until immigrants from ireland came to the us because of the great famine (1845-1850). immigrants were never really looked upon as a great thing especially when they're poor, so they were hated. not to mention the fact that the protestants viewed catholicism as extremely corrupt and sinful. so it wouldn't be a big jump for the kkk to hate catholics too. and of course with wave after wave of immigrants arriving in the us in the following decades, continuing even today, that gave the kkk more people to hate. woohoo! hate. gotta have it.
Post Thu Nov 14, 2002 7:20 pm
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i go to college in morgantown, west virginia, and just 2 weeks ago a bunch of klansmen were handing out flyers, and putting them on cars. so yes, unfortunatley they're still around. Please, no west virginia jokes!
Post Thu Nov 14, 2002 10:41 pm
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