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Interview with Skylar Johnson, Oct 2, 2002
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Sage Francis
Self Fighteous

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Interview with Skylar Johnson, Oct 2, 2002  Reply with quote  

QUESTIONS 1. You're huge in the independent/underground scene. Do you have any aspirations of getting signed to a major label?

"I don't think about those things much. It's certainly not something I dream. Every now and then a major label approaches me, but they have all felt dirty and fake. It would be GREAT to have a trustworthy major label take a over a lot of my business duties so I could focus on my personal life more...and I'm sure they know how to spread my music much more efficiently than I can...but until a major label respects the cock I'm not trying to associate with them."

2. how would you deal with the inevitable backlash from from some of your fans that would call you a sell out?

"People like that are so twisted in the head that I can't be bothered with their ignorance. No one will ever truly understand the bullshit I went through to get me to where I am...and even though I am still UNDERGROUND I have random cry babies yelling "sell out." I walked ten miles UPHILL through knee-high snow every single day for 3 years straight to claim this molehill as my own. My approach is too honest and upfront to ever tap into the mainstream, and as long as I continue my path I have no worries what people think about me. The content and delivery is most important to me. I can get 'major' on my own. It's not rocket science."

3. Anybody that knows the ins and outs of great lyrics know you got skills. What's the next step in great lyricsm? Are you looking to do 5 or 6 syllabic rhymes. Or say have every word rhyme in a verse or even a song. What's next for your lyrical evolution?

"Ha, this is on some nerd-technical shit here. You know what...I really think I've been on some rhyme patterns that people haven't even put their finger on yet. I have had songs where the beginning, middle, and end of each sentence rhymes with each other on some abc abc abc abc type shit. I had one song in 1998 where I carried that pattern throughout each verse. It was never released, but it's sitting on reserve. What's more important to me than actual rhyme patterns is the ability to make each rhyme very unique and have it sound incidental. I like to have the grouping of certain words make so much sense together that it becomes difficult to think of one without the other. Beyond that, I like playing with language in a way that intermingles ideas and concepts that aren't normally grouped together...and have them fit in the context of the verse, rhyme or song. Like the 'having a sleepless beauty pageant on a shark infested water bed until it's punctured' line from Specialist. All of those things fit the theme of the entire song...the sleepless beauty, the contest, the shark reference, the destruction. It all has to fit somehow. I am not a fan of rappers who use random imagery for no apparent hopes that it just sounds cool or makes sense some how."

4. Besides hip hop, what's in your CD player right now?

"I don't check much hiphop at all. It is very uninspiring to me. I am listening to a good amount of punk right now...older stuff. I think I am finally getting out of my classic rock stage. For the past two years I have been listening to a lot of Bob Dylan, Neil Young, John Lennon. Those guys make me laugh out loud...that's what happens when certain things click. I laugh. Tori Amos gets special props for her 'So you found a girl whose got really deep thoughts. What's so great about really deep thoughts? Boy, you'd better pray that I bleed soon. How's that thought for ya?' She will be on my list until the day I die for that shit."

5. Are their any plans to bring some of the top independent hip hop acts together for a huge tour? If you could tour with any two other artists or groups who would they be?

"I would really love that. I have ambitions to do something of that sort, but people are so busy with their own shitty ideas to listen to my own. heh. I would love to tour with Public Enemy and Atmosphere."

6. Write a great line with these words: player hater sheezy bling bling herre

"What the hell is that last word? Is that a fish?

7. What kind of car do you drive and does it bump?

"I drive an 88 Oldsmobile and I fucking love it. It's taken so much abuse and it still gets me from place to place. It has no shocks, so yes it bumps. One of these days it is going to fall to pieces on the highway. I can't get mad at it if it does. I will kiss the dashboard and be on my way."

8. Do you have a significant other and if so what does she think about the great Sage Francis.

"I have had significant others. They think Sage Francis is a little boy in an old man's body. Eyyyooo?"

9. If you married a girl named Fran her name would be Fran Francis. That's kinda catchy. This isn't even a question, it's more of a thought I just had.

"You are wrong. Besides, I would probably take my wive's last name."

10. Anything you'd like to say to all the people out there who will be reading this

"I am flying to Australia at this very moment. I wish we could all love each other and have fun all the time. but we can't. So we fight, have sex, do drugs, talk shit, smell bad, shit bricks, kiss hands, eat snacks, cry alone, watch movies, kill kill kill, spread diseases with group hugs, read signs, pay for stuff, yell out numbers, cop feels, disrespect cocks, break rules to feel naughty, act silly and never ever live forever. Then the world dies. Then the universe turns so cold no form of life is possible. Then the universe will probably retract and remove all evidence of previous life before it gets started all over again. And look at me...back on this plane...wanting to fuck myself in the bathroom again."
Post Sun Oct 20, 2002 5:01 pm
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The interviews seem to be getting progressively better.

And if your checking out punk bands and you want to know what its really all about check out Filth, Blatz, civil disobediance, Decrepit, Anti-product. there are a bunch of others. You've must've already checked the Subhumans.

One of my favorite albums ever is The Clash's Black magic album.

Echoes of Godspeed are still going through my head but i'm going through a middleastern phaze right now.
Post Sun Oct 20, 2002 5:39 pm
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Re: Interview with Skylar Johnson, Oct 2, 2002  Reply with quote  

Sage Francis wrote:
I am not a fan of rappers who use random imagery for no apparent reason"

ok i dont want anyone to get pissed off at me, and this doesnt apply to all his songs but don't other people feel that Aesop Rock does this alot...or maybe im just too stupid to follow along (but i've read the lyrics and they still lack continuiety)
Post Sun Oct 20, 2002 9:47 pm
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the end of that interview is rather epic and sweeping in it's scope.

Post Sun Oct 20, 2002 10:35 pm
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props for mentioning tori

have you ever seen her live? I highly recommend it. She will be touring soon, check her out if you get a chance.
Post Wed Oct 23, 2002 8:11 am
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Cool.  Reply with quote  

I thought you had blown my interview questions off. Thanks for answering them. You da man.

Post Tue Nov 05, 2002 3:44 am
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Sage Francis
Self Fighteous

Joined: 30 Jun 2002
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shit, I don't know why you didn't get them in your email. I responded right away. Sorry about that.
Post Tue Nov 05, 2002 5:31 am
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The interview is finally up!  Reply with quote has been down for awhile for but it's finally up. If you wanna read this interview while looking at come cool pics of Sage then visit or click on the link below:

Skylar Johnson
Post Wed Nov 13, 2002 6:00 pm
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John De(newtronic)

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Any chance of us ever hearing that song you have on reserve Sage?
Post Wed Nov 27, 2002 12:37 am
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