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interview with Steve Duck for the hip hop mag Out4Fame. 10/2
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Sage Francis
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interview with Steve Duck for the hip hop mag Out4Fame. 10/2  Reply with quote  

You've spoken on so many different topics in your career as a
lyricist, many of them very personal. Is there anything you
consider out of bounds lyrically?

"Personally...I consider many things out of bounds. I don't go spreading secrets, senseless negativity, and I have no desire to make music as a result of personal beef with somebody. That's what journal entries are for. I wouldn't put boundaries on anyone else though...those are just some of my own guidelines. And I will break these rules every so often."

What do you look to for inspiration? Are there certain realms of
art that really influence you?
"Experiences influence me. Is that too obvious of an answer? That actual experience of something meaningful is what inspires everyone. Personal interaction. Some art is very inspiring, but the inspiration for that art probably came from a meaningful experience. I just write when something makes sense to me...or when I feel like documenting my thoughts."

What's happening lately with Xaul Zan? Is there any future in your alter ego?
"Xaul Zan said he was going out to get a pack of cigarettes and then never came back. He did express disappointment in my pussy, but I have a feeling he'll be back to touch this world in his own special way."

Your album, Personal Journals, had a different producer for each
track, but it sounded so cohesive. Was that a difficult thing to
"Yes and no. It was difficult finding producers who were good enough to match the mood I was shooting for, but a lot of them run in a similar circle so that helped. They submitted beats and I fished through them to find the ones that would fit the mood and balance out the record."

You've won Scribble Jam, and you've won numerous Poetry Slams. Do
you find one more challenging or rewarding than the other?

"It depends on the audience and the competition. Winning either really doesn't feel all that rewarding. I feel much better performing a 20 minute set than I do winning a slam or MC battle. When I first won a slam...and when I first won an MC battle, yeah...there were feelings of elation. That shit fades quick though. There's not much to hold on to. I smashed the Scribble Jam trophy on stage at a Boston show one week after I won it. Doing that felt better than winning the damn thing."

Are there AOI or Non-Prophets albums dropping anytime soon?

"Yes, the Non-Prophets album is my next major release...and it is currently being recorded. It is going to catch many people by suprise in a good way."

Cliched question that I just have to ask; have you heard any
Australian Hip-Hop, if so, what did you think of it?

"I have heard Spooky Tricks or something like that. It was funny in an Underground Kid sort of way."

OK, one last stupid question. My friend says that the guy talking
at the beginning of Atmosphere's "One Of A Kind" is you. I swear
it's Slug. Please settle this for us before we bring knives into
"This is not the first time I had to settle this same exact bet. haha. Of course it's me...Slug can't get his voice in that high of an octave."

Thanks for your time man. I've gotta just add to this that you're a
huge source of inspiration for me, and I really hope you keep
making brilliant hip-hop. Thanks.
"Brilliant hiphop is passe. Thanks though."
Post Sun Oct 20, 2002 5:03 pm
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