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are clothes REALLY a big part of hiphop?
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You want to know what I think? There is a hip-hop style. I don't even subscribe to the idea that hip-hop is a culture, but there is a hip-hop style. Urban, street,'s something that marketing companies and statistical researchers have known for years. It can't be defined any easier than you can tell me how to dress "corporate". Sure, suits are what to wear...but what brands? Are leisure suits okay? Are there any colors to wear or now wear? Are you starting to understand this simple comparison or should I literally put it on the end of a spoon and make an airplane noise so you can comprehend it?

Besides that, there are differing opinions on this thread. And it's the "I don't give a fuck, clothes don't make the man" kids that are crying the loudest. Just shut the fuck up and listen to your rap records.
Post Mon Oct 14, 2002 2:12 pm
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gerhupsom vanbone wrote:
so its not what you rock its how you rock it?

So I can where me cowboy hat tight-ass pants and spurs(or whatever there called)on me boots,and still be Hiphop?

If so.How do I become country?

try singing /listening to country music.

This thread has gotten absolutely nowhere, and is becoming irksome. You don't need to classify yourself as part of the hiphop culture/style in order to listen to hiphop. If you ARE a part of that culture then what you wear automaticly becomes hipgop. Fuck this stupid thread. Have your own veiws and learn to accept people will have theres, now please let this thread die!
Post Mon Oct 14, 2002 2:37 pm
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Post Mon Oct 14, 2002 2:42 pm
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the end of simple discussion.  Reply with quote  

i am no man to tell anyone who they are, but, i think that style is something each person has and its never the same as any other individual human being. soul is another word for style. everyones has one for the right reasons. if this was the case and style matters for wrong reasons we all would have the same dna and become the real "children of the corn." then no one would be different. hiphop is something that evolved all by its lonesome over the years it was actually created. now, people see hiphop as a fad or a trend and major companies try and become trendsetters transcending different style THEY THINK(businesses in for the money, making clothes they think fits the present day "teens" interests by manipulating minds.) would look good on YOU!

my description personally would flip everyones view of what i portray a whole different way.i got fucking holes all in my body, tattoos, im a mutt to add, but who is to say i cant be an emcee. ive been an emcee for too long and im stuck purposely. others dont know that just because of a little problem people chose called making first impression judgments. we all used to roam earth naked at one point of time. now we have clothes and SOME believe they are what makes you who you are. when truthfully its yourself that made you and your parents from the beginning. thank god for parents and them having children! i am an easy going person and i love hiphop for the feeling it gives me and makes me excited to even become a part of something so extraordinary. thats why so many people participate and try and perfect the hobby we all love. people who like hiphop become one with the "culture" as if it were an entity. sort of like a race or religion. except the fact no one gets turned down or away from hiphop. people hate because they dont understand. thats why evil is around-FUCKING HATRED.

and i end this on good terms. each person who views hiphop, views it in a different perspective then other people. some like and dislike but thats where understanding comes forth again. my favorite musical artist is willie nelson because he is deeper then any other emcee(master of true ceremonies) i have ever heard. i review underground hiphop(notice how i said underground, no disrespect but thats my interest). coming from an emcee personally. and if you do read this and agree try listening to peanutbutter wolf and charizma(rip) and see what methods are all ABOUT. much respect to all yall too. peace and god bless all yall muhfuckas in this world. lets keep the world revolving, revolute! breaz etcetera.

oh yeah and theres nothing in here aimed towards anyone so dont think there is. im just proving my point from my eyes. gone...
Post Tue Oct 15, 2002 4:44 am
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I wear what I like, probally look like I listen to punk mostly, but I love to see peoples faces when I turn up the hip hop in my car. I love hip hop, but I think that living your life by any standards but your own is ridiculous.
Post Tue Oct 15, 2002 11:45 am
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Word Muthafucking Lyphes..........  Reply with quote  

exactly. you(meaning anybody who reads this) are one person seperated from billions of others. with one soul. one life. one fate, and one objective. the objective is simply live your life your way, no others and dont let others be you because that can't ever happen in a lifetime. unless you try cloaning but thats playing GOD, and we arent him. enough said. peace.
Post Tue Oct 15, 2002 7:28 pm
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i wear button up shirts (plaid) because im fat and am not comfortable in t shirts. iw ear jeans because anything else is just too light.
Post Tue Oct 15, 2002 9:26 pm
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yes, clothes are a big part of the hip-hop culture. It doesnt affect everyone who is into hip-hop, just as everyone who listens to hip-hop doesn't neccesarrily breakdance or own turntables or spray grafiti on the walls, but it is definitly a part of hip-hop culture
Post Wed Oct 16, 2002 2:05 pm
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plaid, please do not be offended. stripes and patterned shirts for the most part make one look fatter. perhaps you should try button up shirts in solid dark colors.

i'm sorry if i have offended you with my unsolicited advice.
Post Wed Oct 16, 2002 4:29 pm
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gerhupsom vanbone

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yo  Reply with quote  

Fine whatever yall win.

I have just always hated fashion, name brands, and trends.

And I will keep living in my fantasy world where hiphop has nothing to do with fashion.So I wont feel bad knowing that I once loved hiphop.
Post Wed Oct 16, 2002 7:15 pm
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*ring ring ring*


oh aye whas up dead horse??

whas that??

oh shit yeah, I'll let em all know..


aye that was the dead horse y'all, he called to say he didn't wanna be beat anymore. Any chance of that happenin?? He'd appreciate it.
Post Wed Oct 16, 2002 7:58 pm
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