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My Life in a Nutshell (for future interviewers or whoever)
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Or maybe people just want to know what kind of person is behind the music they listen to. You know, to find out what moves him and why he makes the kind of music he does.
See music is very personal especially in some cases (real musicians) and the people like to find out what an artist means when he says certain things, has nothing to do with stan!
Post Thu Oct 10, 2002 4:15 am
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Joined: 02 Oct 2002
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Sure people want to know the ins and the outs of their favorite artists, I just dont think its necessary. I believe in Kantian moral theory, but I don't need to know what kind of cereal Kant ate every morning.
Post Thu Oct 10, 2002 1:39 pm
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Parallax wrote:
hmmm. So whats God's excuse for this shithole he created?

The Book of Genesis According to St. Miguelito

Before the beginning
God created God
In the beginning
God created the ghettos & slums
and God saw this was good.
So God said,
"Let there be more ghettos & slums"
and there were more ghettos & slums.
But God saw this was plain
to decorate it
God created leadbase paint
and then
God commanded the rivers of garbage & filth
to flow gracefully through the ghettos.
On the third day
because on the second day God was out of town
On the third day
God's nose was running
& his jones was coming down and God
in his all knowing wisdom
knew he was sick
he needed a fix
so God
created the backyards of the ghettos
& the alleys of the slums
in heroin & cocaine
with his divine wisdom & grace
God created hepatitis
who begat lockjaw
who begat malaria
who begat degradation
who begat
and God knew this was good
in fact God knew things couldn't git better
but he decided to try anyway
On the fourth day
God was riding around Harlem in a gypsy cab
when he created the people
and he created these beings in ethnic proportion
but he saw the people lonely & hungry
and from his eminent rectum
he created a companion for these people
and he called this companion
who begat racism
who begat exploitation
who begat male chauvinism
who begat machismo
who begat imperialism
who begat colonialism
who begat wall street
who begat foreign wars
and God knew
and God saw
and God felt this was extra good
and God said
On the fifth day
the people kneeled
the people prayed
the people begged
and this manifested itself in a petition
a letter to the editor
to know why? WHY? WHY? que pasa babyyyyy?????
and God said,
"My fellow subjects
let me make one thing perfectly clear
by saying this about that:
but on the sixth day God spoke to the people
he said..."PEOPLE!!!
the ghettos & the slums
& all the other great things I've created
will have dominion over thee
and then
he commanded the ghettos & slums
and all the other great things he created
to multiply
and they multiplied
On the seventh day god was tired
so he called in sick
collected his overtime pay
a paid vacation included
But before God got on that t.w.a.
for the sunny beaches of Puerto Rico
He noticed his main man Satan
planting the learning trees of consciousness
around his ghetto edens
so God called a news conference
on a state of the heavens address
on a coast to coast national t.v. hook up
and God told the people
to be
and the people were cool
and the people kept cool
and the people are cool
and the people stay cool
and God said

-Miguel Pinero
Post Mon Oct 14, 2002 8:10 pm
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Sagous Francisous...  Reply with quote  

Yeah i didnt read all 9 pages I just read the first and this one but-I wanted to say your a fuckin awesome story teller-not sayin you tell fictionous stories-But I wanted to give you much props!-And eveyone else questionin his story-get of his nizuts.You know you wanted to hear it any way!! Hey and that part of the ex gurls and shit! DOPE! o my goodness I was laughin-not cuz Im an ass but cuz I relate to you in that aspect of YOUR life...

Action-MPLS MN :mrgreen:

Dont sleep on mpls yall hey sage get your AsS out here and do a god damn show! Personal Journeys was dope but U cant leave us like that!!!
Post Sun Jan 05, 2003 12:24 am
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shit stain

Joined: 05 Jan 2003
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Wow, some new meat for some kids to have conov's with you. I really think some of the so-called enlighteners should get hookers. You should offer them hookers.
Post Sun Jan 05, 2003 1:19 am
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Joined: 04 Jan 2003
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HOOKERS???!? did someone say hookers? where are they I gotta catch em all! red ones orange ones and purples ones! Yeah fresh meat if you wanna label me as that hip hop fanatic is more like it...So i take much respect in whatever you wanna call me just as long as Im noticed!

Post Sun Jan 05, 2003 2:27 pm
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Sage Francis wrote:
I'd have to say that if I was 10 right now...i would definitely be rebelling against hiphop. Just as I was rebelling against hairbands.

Aint that a b*tch...
Cuz if I was in elementary or jr. high right now I could definitely see myself sayin' f!ck this bullsh!t on MTV a go with some other form of music other then hip hop........that woulda sucked cuz I really really like it.

Post Sun Jan 05, 2003 3:01 pm
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hold the tomatoes please

Joined: 02 Jan 2003
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Sage I'm interested in how you became to develop your MC skills and style. Of course you had great motives, the black culture that surrounded you and the need to do something more because I'm sure you loved the music that much just like when I started to urn for something more out of my hip hop. But what were steps and self insperations you had to gain knowlage and skill at MC work. I define myself as a being who greatly believes in self-reflection. I would realize that I wasn't the shit when first kicking freestyles and deep thoughts of what I could write so I would look back and critique myself. I'm my own critic and I can be hard on myself to the point of life change...almost. Only time can tell on that shit.
So what did you do to define yourself as great MC and poet or just the progression in your rennisance of hip hop?
Post Sun Jan 05, 2003 8:07 pm
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Joined: 12 Dec 2002
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thanks for the info sage

too many posts on this shit and you<sage> probbly wont even read this ......

i dont think you should nesicarly have to share your life story with anyone
i mean you pour your 'soul' into an album <i.e. PERSONAL journals>then people ask you to 'justify'<probbly not the word im looking fo r> your lyrics by asking you to break it down and ask why what expreince led to what....
etc etc

defintly intresting to know the backround of a artist that i respect...

i think the fact that your providing a 'service' for us is enough..........

maybe you should make a 'bio' page on the site

no i didnt read all 9 pages....

Post Sun Jan 05, 2003 11:17 pm
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wow i'm extremely surprised at how many similarities we have (of course spaded by many many differences)......and i can't believe people have actually asked "who is sage francis." that sounds so creepy and reminds me greatly of slimey molesters. i can just see one now. eaucgh! uhh, anyway, it is nice to get this side of the story, though, contrasting against the side presented in your music, just to make for greater appreciation.

anyway, be well.
Post Mon Jan 06, 2003 1:13 am
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Joined: 12 Feb 2003
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Since were talkin about u im not gonna lie, i tried hatin u in the beginning. I was like hes one of those whack cats sayin their deep and shit, like people will remeber me when i die and shit. but the truth is u never say that shit. ur sincere and we all i can say is i appreciate the efforts u made for arts sake. I m not gay or nothin so dont get aroused, just sayin ur real, not ll those other whack characters.

altough SOLE IS 'DA BADDEST POET' just playin

u probably didnt get that cause u said ur deleting it, but it was worth a try
Post Wed Feb 12, 2003 9:35 pm
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Dr. Kris Knacker Esq.

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Sage Francis wrote:
i wrote it because I am SO tired of telling the same story in every interview. Whenever they ask "Who is Sage Francis" I am going to cut and paste this shit. It will be interesting to see what parts they choose to use.

Not to be an ass, but I think you mean, copy and paste! :idea:
Post Fri Feb 14, 2003 1:22 pm
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Joined: 07 Nov 2002
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youre like a white che guevara man, i dig it
Post Fri Feb 14, 2003 5:29 pm
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Joined: 23 Jan 2003
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I thought that "bio" was hilarious
Post Fri Feb 14, 2003 10:27 pm
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j ford

Joined: 08 Nov 2002
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I think it's cool that you posted that. Not everyone has the courage to open their lives to dissection of others unknown to them, thanks Sage.
Post Sat Feb 15, 2003 8:49 am
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