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sleepless night
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sleepless night  Reply with quote  

Thoughts....that arise like the sun, causing sleepless nights. visual images in your mind that illuminate the darkest room, you toss and turn, restless, helpless, overwhelmed by your thought process...
1 a.m....
2 a.m....
3 a.m...........time goes by but each minutes seems to yield an eternity... Thoughts race through your head, no beginning, no end, no pattern....thoughts impossible to kill with conventional methods, as if they were vampires that you had invited in...Vampires that strike at night, somewhat like these thoughts...but differ...vampires have an ultimate weakness(their heart)...while these thoughts will over run your mind like a colony of ants making a uninvited visit to your picnic. it is now 6 a.m, you haven't so much as blinked, the sun is now creeping over the horizon, your room holds an enchanting reddish glow....still you toss and turn, wishing the sun would push it's snooze button allowing you time to try to grow aggravated, irritated, eyes dilated from the lack of sleep combined with the low dim light sneaking past your this time your delirious, somewhat delusional , your tranquil state finally allows you to close your eyes and relax, just that second....Alarm Rings, time for work, then you scream........Another Sleepless Night....... :shock:
Post Wed Jul 10, 2002 8:17 pm
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You get Satyre's agreement.
Post Thu Jul 11, 2002 4:24 am
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