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sueno served kankick,mums and jizzm last sunday..did yall go
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sueno served kankick,mums and jizzm last sunday..did yall go  Reply with quote  

fall classic and the beat olympics were iight....
planet asia was there but for some gay reason he didnt perform....
the beat olympics were tight as started off with round one..sueno vs jizzm vs mums the word vs kankick,,,,,,round 1 jizzm won...round 2 sueno won...round 3 kankick won(i thought sueno was the winner by far!!!) and round 4 sueno took home the victory...that cat had some amazing production...alot of people were expecting better things out of kick and mums but i just think they have limmited things to offer..the only consistent producer there was ,was sueno...he had 4 top notch beats...that battle was sick....ive heard alot of the western union A.L.L., and dojo pros material and all the beats are heaters but the heat sueno brought the other night was pure magic...sueno is my vote for producer of the year....what do yall think about that battle last sunday in l.a.????
Post Thu Oct 03, 2002 3:00 am
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