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Interview for the Rocky Mountain Bullhorn in Ft. Collins, CO
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Sage Francis
Self Fighteous

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Interview for the Rocky Mountain Bullhorn in Ft. Collins, CO  Reply with quote  

I saw you the last time in Ft. Collins enter the battle as MC Kill kids.  Do you
still enter battles?  If so, do you still kill kids (maybe Bill?)  What do you
enjoy about battling kids around the country?

"No, I don't really battle. I fuck around sometimes, but that's just to be playful. Battles aren't all that fun most of the time. I am glad that people don't consider me a battle rapper anymore because in the beginning of my career I had to face every local hero. It got old quick."

Unlike a lot of other popular indie hip-hop acts right now, you aren’t afraid to
voice religious and political indignation in a very confrontational and upfront
way.  Why do you think this important?  Why do you think so many people fall
into the fold of Christianity?   Why do think people still believe politicians?

"It's important to voice my beliefs and dissent because this is one of the only unrestricted artforms that reaches the masses. It is obvious why people still fall into the trap of religion. Because we need answers. We want to believe there is something beyond the hell we live. Religion provides us order. Do people still believe politicians? Really?"

As a follow up question, what do you think about the 2004 election, are you
going to vote, who for?

"I am going to vote for John Kerry unless some super hero jumps out of the bushes and knocks him out of the box. i was originally going for Dean. He should have kept up his disgruntled hockey coach routine. It could have worked. The main objective is to get Bush out of office. After that, let's get all old, white men out of office. Kerry scares me too, but at least he is not of the Bush legacy."

Is there some kind of personal experience behind your unusual (in the realm of
hip-hop) abstinence from drugs and alcohol?  Do you consider yourself straight

"I was molested with a beer bottle repeatedly as a child. By nature of those incidents, I am not straight edge."

Can we stop everyone from acting like assholes or is the world screwed?

"This world has always been screwed, but there are people who are nice to the point of retardation. There's enough of a balance going on right now."

What pisses you off most about these guys like P. Diddy and Jay-Z who have come
to personify hip-hop in the eyes of the American populace ignorant of what good
hip-hop really is?

"I don't have hatred for either. Not at all. What pisses me off is how the media jumps all over them and crowns them the royalty of hiphop. They keep picking the artists with the most financial backing (surprise, surprise.) I can't stand the way Puff Daddy dances, talks, moves or raps but those are all very superficial things. He dresses well which is all that matters."

Thinking of the song ‘Makeshift Patriot’, why do you think 9/11 happened?  What
has been the worst result of that fateful day?  Do you have a flag sticker on
your SUV?

"I think 9/11 happened because America has won itself some very serious enemies over the past few decades. That's no secret. The attack on the twin towers was being planned for a long time, and once Bush took office a huge gap of opportunity opened up for terrorists to take advantage of. There was motivation, politics, history and low security. I find the facts of this whole thing incredibly interesting. Clinton's main focus was on terrorism, to the point that people called him 'obsessed.' His main target was Osama Bin Laden. Once Bush took office...well...this guy will have a future of classrooms laughing at him. That's all I know. The worst 'President' this country has every known."

Do you think the fact that you don’t do phone interviews is indicative of your
approach to this game?  Why don’t you do phone interviews (just curious)?

"I do not enjoy talking on the phone whatsoever. By doing email interviews i get to answer the questions at my own leisure and save my voice. My throat is in horrible shape right now and we have about 14 more shows to go."

How ill would a mil be?

"A mill would be as ill as Natalie Portman and Scarlett Johanson 69ing during an all-girls Catholic school assembly."

Can you talk about the Fuck Clear Channel tour?  Why did you decide to label
your tour as a cry against corporate radio?  What pisses you off most about
Clear Channel?

"I have answered these questions a billion times. But here goes...Clear Channel is a monster conglomerate in the music world. It owns an insane amount of radio stations, billboards, venues and promotion companies. Do see where this could turn negative? That's right, ladies and germs. Clear Channel has homogenized local scenes around this country so much that their agenda is forced upon the public. I enjoy being in the position I am in. They have no say in what i do or how i do it so I very gladly say, 'Fuck you Clear Channel," for all the people who cannot. Every show I usually have someone come up to me who either works for or was fired by Clear Channel. They are very happy to support a show like mine. I say thank you to them."

What song are you most proud of on Hope, the new Non-Prophets album?  Who does
have style?

"I am most proud of Spaceman, Damage and the Cure. I don't know. I like all three for different reasons. Who has style? Me, of course. That's the whole point. NO ONE has style except for me."

I’m really interested in ‘the Cure.’  Both the lyrics and the beat seem to be indicative of the progressive nature of the album.  Can you just talk about this song a little bit?

"I disagree. I think that song takes a step away from what the rest of the album was doing and brings the listener to a new place. It snatches the listener out of the locker room and places them on an estrogen-filled cloud. I like when albums end on a mellow tone. It's down time. Like...after a long run you have to walk for a little while instead of just stopping. You have to ease your body into a restful place. That's my mentality anyway."

Do you still listen to Paris?  His new album is fucking dope . . .

"I think he is great. I was excited to hear that he has a new album coming out. We'll see what happens."

Do write other kinds of poetry?

"No, I only write like this."

What does it all mean?

"I don't know."

What about this interview sucks?

"Nothing, really. it was fine. thanks for sticking that rose stem down my urethra. I really like the shock it puts me into before an interview. PEACE"
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