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intervoew with AZ New Times 2/10/04
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Sage Francis
Self Fighteous

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intervoew with AZ New Times 2/10/04  Reply with quote  

What was the impetus behind putting together a 'Fuck Clear Channel' tour?

"I named this tour 'Fuck Clear Channel' to spread a message and make a point. One that I don't have to spell out in order for it to make sense."

Have there been situations where Clear Channel screwed you?

"Sure. Every time I turn on my radio and have to hear that same 10 songs over and over. And then I have to look at the picture of these artists every time I go outside. How about you?"

I'm assuming that you're not hitting any clear channel venues on your tour *

"I was asked if I would play a Clear Channel venue if they accepted the show. I said, 'Sure, as long as they let me call the show Fuck Clear Channel.' But no, I don't think I have ever played a Clear Channel venue. I work with people and companies who are in a constant stuggle with saving their local scene."

how difficult is it to book a nationwide tour without using any clear
channel venues?

"When you're me? Not difficult at all. And that makes me proud. It also shows people out there that Clear Channel is defeatable. They aren't an unbeatable giant just yet. Yet."

Other than naming the tour 'fuck clear channel,' will you have anti-clear
channel pamphlets or anything like that at the shows?

"No, I have much more going on in my music and message than fucking Clear Channel. Why are all your questions about this one facet of the tour? Isn't it bad ass enough that I called a 40 city national tour Fuck Clear Channel? I drop a little bit of science here and there, but it is really not my style to be preachy on the mic. As long as I get an ad in local newspapers and flyers around the city that say FUCK CLEAR CHANNEL, daddy is happy."

What, in your opinion, can music consumers do to counter Clear Channel's
stranglehold on radio and live music?

"They can stop supporting Clear Channel events. They can vandalize Clear Channel billboards. Most importantly, they can attend events thrown by local companies. And I am not talking about local companies who have been bought out by Clear Channel. We can throw our own shows and own our own radio stations. It's America."

Do you think the FCC should break up Clear Channel like the telephone
company was decades ago?

"ABSOLUTELY. That's only fair. Telephone companies were screwing the public until the FCC stepped in and did something great for a change. Time for the FCC to do a service for the public again. If they'd be so obliged, oh great censors of our world."
Post Tue Feb 10, 2004 9:01 pm
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Why are all your questions about this one facet of the tour?

He kinda missed that one...
Post Wed Feb 11, 2004 3:30 am
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