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NPR. i just can't stand it.
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MessiahCarey wrote:
I don't know that it's all that better, or worse, than CNN, etc.

They're ALL run by PEOPLE. And most people, regardless of where they work, have agendas.

NPR chooses to attack issues that CNN won't, granted - but they don't do it in a very journalistic fashion if you ask me. It's good to hear one side of the story on issues you normally wouldn't hear about - and that DOES have its place, sure.

- Shane

But the NPR that I listen to, their agenda is to report the truth about stories, regardless of the politics of it. That's what I like about them. They report the truth, whether it helps bolster the typical "conservative" viewpoint on an issue or the typical "liberal" one.

They definitely try to be more journalistic than any other media outlet that I know of.
Post Sat Jan 31, 2004 4:44 am
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Joined: 02 May 2003
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For instance, while I'm as rabidly anti-Bush as the next guy, one of things that the Bushites have done that I think is good is make strides in fighting the international sex trade and sex slavery. NPR did a report on this, and it was balanced and gave credit where credit was due.
Post Sat Jan 31, 2004 4:52 am
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CassieSnow wrote:
This is getting silly….
I eagerly await the subject line: “The British always sound so pompous because of that prissy accent”

I actually take this personally because though I understand your general point, I listen to NPR constantly and think it’s a breath of fresh air to hear discussions about relevant topics from across the board. “This American Life” is the most well produced and interesting talk show on the radio.

Listening is not a middle-class badge, and believe it or not, neither is a Harvard bumper sticker or a North Face vest. People get put off by things they feel don’t apply to them, so they diss the 9-5 and avoid investing money in the stock market. Others never considering voting or attending a protest. Buying a certain car or sewing a patch to your pants shouldn’t confine you as an individual, and neither should listening to a particular radio station. I laugh at NPR often, and I love it. The signs are always saying dissent is patriotic.

But to criticize NPR for sounding smart & calling that intelligence elitism? Well, they are smart. Dumbing things down for the masses is not always the smartest way to get a point across. People in the media should know how to speak English well and articulate their opinions, and I believe indulging in academia can be fabulous. You will find street credentials and basement shows with the same 5 sausages in the audience don’t offer “solutions” to the “problem” either. Do words inside quotation marks bother you? Constantly complaining about what’s shitty and bourgeoise or whack or different gets exhausting and becomes pretty distracting.
NPR has its place, as does Hot 97, but to so strongly complain about it for being elitist sounds like a journalistic pout from some salty anarchist. The Wire, Anticon, The Economist & NPR could all be criticized for their “collegiate approach”. Just because you don’t like something doesn’t mean it’s irrelevant. Dumbass.

wow, you had me completely agreeing with you until you threw in that "dumbass" at the end. now you just look like a prick.

other than that, i concur.
Post Sat Jan 31, 2004 6:03 am
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I've been thinking about this, and I really don't see NPR as being particularly elitist as I see them out of touch. I mean, they basically are designed around the middle-aged to elderly demographic...I'd like to see them make a serious effort to reach out to younger audiences (and by that, I mean hiring younger, knowledgeable people to talk about music, not the half-assed way they do it now - I mean, they interviewed Chuck D finally - about 15 years after they should have).

I think part of mr. self distrukt's annoyance is how while they appear "liberal", they are in many ways conservative - especially in the way they appeal to an older demographic. I suppose it is somewhat elitist, but I think that has more to do with their target audience than any sort of intellectual elitism.[/i]
Post Sat Jan 31, 2004 10:48 pm
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sure we can babble on and on about how NPR are at times come off as overly pretensions. but comparitvely speaking most the stations on FM radio are undeniably horrible (with the exception of college radio my fav) besides in terms of where im from i have to choose between Moody Radio (christian talk show) and NPR. and to be quite frank id rather hear about the urbanization of rural areas or the effects of subartic winds than listen to some guy lecturing me to conform to moral idealogies that put emphasis on abstinence.

Post Sun Feb 01, 2004 12:41 am

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