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interview with URI newspaper 1/29/04
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Sage Francis
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interview with URI newspaper 1/29/04  Reply with quote  

what's the lineup of the gimme fund (that's joe on the 808, right?)

"The Gimme Fund currently consists of Nathan on acoustic guitar and harmonica, Tom on Acoustic guitar and bass, and Joe Beats on the drum machine."

how are things going with the new band?

"Things are going extremely well. I have wanted to do something like this for a while now, mixing acoustic instruments with old 808 drums. It is the perfect formula, because I get to incorporate live instruments without having my vocals be over powered and the beat hits hard. It is minimalistic and unique. It is folky and aggressie at the same time, if that's possible."

is this gonna be a ongoing project, or is it just for the tour? and how does working with the gimme fund compare to what you've done with gruvis and AOI?

"We all came together very fast and although I see us working for a while to come, I don't believe the band is fully developed. Tom has to go to collage in a year, Joe Beats is going to have his own thing happening and Nathan is in a punk band that is quite good. So I am just trying to make use of them for the moment. After this 40 city Fuck Clear Channel Tour we will be touring Europe. Compared to AOI and Gruvis they are easier to work with just because they are a small group and they are also more willing to follow my direction. It just feels like there is less resistance, and that has proven to be crucial in the kind of music we are now playing."

how will this tour compare with the dead poet tour?how are the shows gonna be set up? openers besides grand buffet and mac lethal? a non-prophets set?

"This tour is going to be like the Dead Poet Tour except bigger and longer. Things have grown since last year, just like the last tour was bigger than the one before it. This snowball is looking dangerous, man. But an important thing in appeasing yoru fanbase is to change things up so I had to come up with a whole new approach to the show this time around. And even though I toured with Grand Buffet two years ago, they have developed leaps and bounds since then. Mac Lethal is the virtual unknown who I expect to wow the crowd the same way CR Avery did last tour and Grand Buffet the one him. The Gimme Fund will play for 40 minutes and then we will cap the evening off with the Non-Prophets stuff."

how do think the set at the century lounge went?

"I thought it went wonderfully. It was the first time we played together in front of people. haha. It was a necessary to do this show before the big tour so we could get our bearings. It was the most fun I had on stage in a long time even though the soundman had his head up his ass. What a dip shit."

with hope being such a success and being a return to a more traditional brand of hip-hop, how do you think audiences will react to a band that uses acoustic guitars and references nancy sinatra songs?

"I think I have the reputation of doing the unexpected so in an ironic and self-defeating way...they should expect that."

any favorite cities to play in?

"Boulder, Minneapolis, LA, Providence, Austin, and Boston. Just kidding about Boston."

how did it feel to find out that you're playing the same club as Dylan in Milwaukee?

"I yelled. I bounced off the walls. I told everyone I knew. I then had a moment with the Lord. And then the next day I was notified that Bob Dylan won't allow another group in the club and our show was cancelled. Then I yelled. I bounced off the walls. I told everyone I knew. And then I had a moment with the Lord."

and finally, any news on when to expect the new solo album?

"My next solo album is going to be surprisingly awesome in every way and no one could possibly be disappointed by it because I figured out the secret to pleasing the world. It is going to come out on Epitaph Records. That's all I can say for now. Thank you for the interview. Goodbye."
Post Thu Jan 29, 2004 7:58 pm
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I'm really looking forward to seeing this band you've got. And I've been trying to see Maclethal for awhile. So I'm glad he's been brought along on the tour.
Post Fri Jan 30, 2004 3:27 am
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