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interview with Garfield Messenger 1/14/04
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interview with Garfield Messenger 1/14/04  Reply with quote  

George Maroussis
The Garfield Messenger

1. How would you introduce yourself to someone that was unfamiliar with you or your music?

"Hi, my name is Paul."

2. Who are your major inspirations and influences?

"Chuck D, KRS, Rakim, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, John Lennon."

3. What is in your CD player right now?

"Neil Young's 'Freedom' and the Lost in Translation soundtrack."

4. So what prompted you to sign with Epitaph records, especially since you were the first hip hop act to sign?

"Bad Religion, NOFX, and Tom Waits are some favorites of mine. I was the first hiphop act they signed which enticed me. Most of all, their dealings with me were exactly how I needed them. They were respectful of who I am and what I do. They were keen to my desires and aspirations in a music business that often ignores integrity for the quick buck. I didn't need them for money, I already proved myself as an independent artist beyond reasonable doubt. What I hope happens is that they take my product and make it available to a shit load of people in a classy and appropriate manner, which is something I don't want to be expending my energy on."

5. Are there any artists on Epitaph that you would be interested in collaborating with?

"Hell yeah. Many."

5b. Any in particular?

"Tom Waits, Bad Religion, NOFX, The Black Keys, Merle Haggard, and many more."

6. On Atmosphere's Seven's Travels, you are listed as 'additional vocals' on the track Lifter Puller, yet you are mysteriously absent in the song. Is that just writing credit?

"Haaaaahahaa. Man, I am singing that chorus. No one fucking believes it. It's cool."

6b. Hmmm... Sounds an awful lot like a girl to me. Not that you sound like a girl or anything...

"Once I've had a chance to rest my voice for a long time I am able to hit those high notes again. And yes, it sounds girly. I love it."

7. You seem to have a lot of projects in the works. Last time I checked you had a new "Sick Of.." record, a live album, a dvd, and possibly a book on the way. How are these coming along?

"The live album is ready. It's called Dead Poet Live Album. It consists mainly of recordings that I got on the Live Band Dead Poet tour. The fourth and final installment of the Sick of Waiting CD series, Sickly Business, is also ready. The book and DVD are both in the works but the book would probably end up being released first. The problem with the DVD is I hate video cameras and most people holding them."

7b. Will these be available in stores or only on the tour?

"Only on tour for now. Before they hit the stores I am going to rearrange them and add or subtract tracks. I usually do that with my Sick of Waiting material. The final version is always different from the tour version and that's just because I need to touch things a lot."

8. You have said that Personal Journals was the album you 'needed to make.' Now that this is done, where do you see yourself going artistically?

"Wherever my pretty little heart desires. I feel a lot of freedom in that department. More than anyone else in my position I think. I am not in a box. I didn't get to where I am by doing the same thing over and over, and I am grateful for that."

9. Your new Non-Prophet's album Hope is definately in a different vain than Personal Journals. There were a lot of clever and subtle references that new listeners might miss. Do you think that it was recieved as you intended it to be?

"When I say something that is calver and/or makes a hell of a lot of sense to me, I usually wish people had the same exact knowledge and experience as me so that it can make the kind of sense I want it to make. More often than not these things get lost or misconstrued. Chalk it up. oh well."

10. What happened to AOI? Is the album pretty much dead?

"We disjointed a few years ago. There will never be an AOI album. We were a group of kids who met in college and wanted to play music. We never intended it on being more than that. Of course, if they all wanted to drop out of school (with me,) break up with their girlfriends (with me,) sleep on a floor (,) and live off of bagels for a few years we could have had something very special. Instead, a couple went off to run a million dollar business, one is married with two kids, and the others play for other bands."

11. What can we expect to see on the new tour?

"You can expect to see a very polarized set. You can expect to see me with bruises on my face and large bags under my eyes. You can expect acoustic instruments and 808 drum beats. Projected images. Quarrels on stage. Grand Buffet antics. Joe Beats sitting on a box. Mac Lethal with a whip and freestyling better than me. Of course"

12. Any last words for your fans at Garfield?

"I can't believe they turned the shittiest comic strip into a movie. Whoever made that decision is begging to keep his job right now. Lasagne...yay!"

13. Wrong Garfield homie... I feel you on the comic, though

"Poor Jon."
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