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Sage interview for some small zine. forgot the name.
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Sage Francis
Self Fighteous

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Sage interview for some small zine. forgot the name.  Reply with quote  

interview conducted by "abstract"

Your real name is Paul. When did it change to Sage and why?

"It's just a stage name. That's all. Got sick of being called Paul."

When did you start writing, and when did it go from writing to rapping?

"I started writing as soon as I learned how to write. I was an only child and had an active imagination. In 4th grade I wrote a book for some book writing contest. The story dealt with death and blood and a broken family. I lost the contest. The writing turned into rap as soon as I discovered rap, which was also in the 4th grade."

What is your inspiration for writing?

"Ideas. Concepts. Music. Poetry. Sex. Film, Interactions. Messages and meaning. All of these things inspire me."

You pretty much run all aspects of you career: t-shirts, cds, setting up shows, etc.
Would you ever consider just signing to a label and let them do the work for you?

"Well yes. Which is why I signed to Epitaph for a 3 album deal a few months ago. I will still be handling a lot of my own career, but I believe they are going to take the torch and raise it higher than I have thus far."

Why was the hope album put out by the Non-Prophets?

"Because the Non-Prophets (me and Joe Beats) made the album. It is not a Sage Francis album, it has its own separate identity from my solo work.

In your songs you talk about how you don't smoke or drink. Do you consider yourself straight edge?

"That should be easier to answer than it is."

Does it actually make you mad when people drink or smoke cigarettes at your shows?

"I grew up with two smokers. My Mom and dad smoked a LOT. I fucking HATED it. Hated it, hated it. I hated it so fucking much. I used to hide her cigarettes and then I would get in trouble for it. A couple times I threatened to stop eating if she continued to smoke. Nothing worked. Now, after over 30 years of smoking, she has stopped cold turkey because of health issues. And here I am, mid-twenties, with an ongoing asthma problem. heh. So with all this being said, I have some very negative feelings toward inconsiderate smokers. If you are in my breathing space while smoking a cigarette, it is fair to say that I am thinking about punching you in the face. Male or female. The only time I get upset at someone for drinking is when they hinder on the enjoyment of others, which happens more than it should."

have you ever had a drink, smoked, or done any drugs in your past?

"Done it all. Just to know. Just to become addicted and then fight it off. So I could hate myself a little bit more than I already do."

Also in your songs it seems you might be atheist. Is this true? And were you raised as any one religion?

"I was raised Irish Protestant in a Catholic town. I argued up and down about not wanting to go to church until my mother finally caved in. I think she hated it too, but she wanted to be a good parent and go through the motions. Since then, i have acquired quite a distaste for all religions. Not God, per se, but the systems in which people try to create a God and feed it to the sheep. They need their rules and regulations because they are scared shitless. Well, I happen to be scared shitless of them and all the havoc they reek under the guise of piety."

Do you listen to any music besides hip-hop, and if so what are some of your favorite bands?

"I love Neil Young and Bob Dylan. I dig Bad Religion a lot. There are many others but these bands seem to get the most play."

With shots at Nelly’s band-aid and others on the new cd you must aware of what’s popular and what’s on t.v. Does how hip-hop is portrayed on mtv bother you?

"MTV bothers me. They aren't actually portraying hiphop....Nelly is. MTV is giving him that avenue. MTV execs used to leave hiphop to the people who actually knew something like Fab 5 Freddy. Those days are over though."

Do you wish you could change it?

"I welcome the opportunity to work my way into the gears of their machine and see what kind of stuff I can do."

Sole and Buck 65 have made music videos, do you think there will ever be a time when people like Sole, Buck, you and some others will have videos on mtv?

"Perhaps. Buck is closer than either me or Sole at this point. But when Epitaph releases my next 3 albums, there is a good chance I will have a video and some of their artists do get play on MTV. Kinda crazy to think about, because I have no desire to do a video...but if the right people are involved I don't think I will shun the opportunity."
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