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HOPE review on 11/3/03
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Sage Francis
Self Fighteous

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HOPE review on 11/3/03  Reply with quote  

Much thanks to Marisha for the review

Non-Prophets "Hope" (CD)

Label: Lex
released in 2003

Although Jesus' life is not elaborated on between the ages of 13 through 29, his 30s marked a milestone for many prophecies to be fulfilled. In his 33rd year of life he was crucified for spreading the truth. In Sage Francis' 30th-something year of life and Joe Beats' 20th-something, a profound spreading of the word - the truth - has been manifested on an album simply titled Hope. Sage and Joe's faith in the revelation of hip-hop has been immortalized on fourteen tracks.

Sage, the hip-hop disciple who has brought us his Sick of… series, his solo effort, Personal Journals, a handful of collabs and other low profile projects, has taken arms against the unbelievers. While they are rampant throughout the land they will be forced to succumb when the rapture emerges.

With references from G.G. Allin to the Beastie Boys a rich vein of pop culture is tapped. The downside is that many less "exposed" audience members will be isolated. * Note: This also creates an upside; Non-Prophets have created a timeless piece. As one's black box expands many more of the inside jokes, references, and names will begin to ring bells.

Keep in mind that while this is a mere review of Hope, it is impossible to unpack the innumerable amount of punch lines and hilarious anecdotes that pelt the listener with a rapid firing of pop culture debris. Beats' distinctive persona is characterized easily through his distinct approach at selecting, threading, and interchanging just the right amount of goodies. Beware kiddies, that "jaded little mind reader" laces those morsels with razorblades.

If you're a Sage fan who is expecting this to be a follow up to Personal Journals, you've been led astray. Non-Prophets existed before the solo jaunt. On "Damage" Sage describes their music as such: "Shit is HOT / Plumbers unclog my toilet wearing oven mitts." The NP use an exact formula to communicate. While making pseudo-"fresh" music, the theme expressed in Hope will be felt, may be sooner than later.

It is prophesized that the skeptics will try to discredit Non-Prophets, but to no avail; for the genuine disciple will carry the truth on.


Review written on 2003/11/03 by Marisha Rosenski
Post Mon Nov 03, 2003 11:06 am
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