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Arnold's Enron Secret
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Clark Nova

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Arnold's Enron Secret  Reply with quote  

More good reporting by Greg Palast.
Post Mon Oct 06, 2003 6:10 pm
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hugh grants hooker

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fantastic article.

which also helped explain arnold's strong desire to suddenly help finance the state by..... TAXING NATIVE AMERICAN CASINOS. i hope so strongly that someone VERY VERY soon murders arnold in a very brutal way.

and why does everyone on tv keep saying he married a 'kennedy'? maria shriver is NOT kennedy.

and i thought that television stations and news networks had to give equal time to ALL candidates and had to stop showing the arnold movies. well, so far i've ONLY seen bustamante and arnold. and i've also seen a 'cribs' style 1 hour special about arnold, and tomorrow or wednesday there is gonna be a marathon of arnold movies on tv. what the fuck?!!!!!

Post Mon Oct 06, 2003 6:24 pm

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