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an AIM convo I had with Icarus about HOPE 10/4/03
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Sage Francis
Self Fighteous

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an AIM convo I had with Icarus about HOPE 10/4/03  Reply with quote  

icarus: i was going to send you our new catalogue and i was going to write to you about my thoughts on the non-prophets cd.

SAGEkillz: what are your thoughts
SAGEkillz: new catalogue of what?

icarus: i guess i'm looking at the cd in a few different ways: 1) as a direct response to personal journals 2) an attempt to revive a style of music ('91-'93 new york hip hop) without being wholly derivative... a few other ways. i'll have a lot to say eventually.
icarus: our literature distribution catalogue.

SAGEkillz: well...without putting any of that into consideration...without intellectualizing it...were you able to enjoy it?

icarus: it took me a few listens, but yes.

SAGEkillz: surprisingly, there hasn't been any backlash yet

icarus: it wasn't what i expected.

SAGEkillz: i am expecting one

icarus: is it officially out yet?
icarus: i think you'll get one.
icarus: i don't think i understand what you and joe were trying to do.

SAGEkillz: well all the press has been very positive so far. and all the people who have downloaded it have given it a thumbs up. it drops on oct 7

icarus: i just had some guesses and i wanted to share them with you.
icarus: where are you?

SAGEkillz: we wanted to make the kind of hiphop we initially loved. not the kind of mutant that hiphop has turned into. just back to basics
SAGEkillz: london

icarus: yeah. i mean, that's obvious. my first reaction was that the cd was something like a 'performance art' piece or a self-concious cover band sort of affair.
icarus: replete with vague politics and corresponding misogyny.

SAGEkillz: that's probably how it will be percieved, but that's not really how I felt while making it. I was just trying to make the best rap I could, within the confines of what I know rap to be
SAGEkillz: in the "tried and true" sense

icarus502: like the first jeru lp. "the bitches" right before "revenge of the prophet"

SAGEkillz: haha yes
SAGEkillz: hahahahaha
SAGEkillz: that's awesome rap to me
SAGEkillz: while still putting a little twist on it
SAGEkillz: because in all actuality I consider myself a feminist. And a pro-gay rights activist. And that small difference is a huge gap in mentality from the era that this record's sound comes from

icarus: it's a confusing listen because the listener can't really tell when and if you're winking while you're saying it.
icarus: yeah!
icarus: ha. and i like how you included a song about how commercial rap sucks.

SAGEkillz: yeah, a hiphop standard.
SAGEkillz: i even had my "I'm BACK" song. I dunno.

icarus: haha
icarus: i wonder how it will be taken. i think it will confuse people (it confused me). and i wonder how much shelf life it will have.

SAGEkillz: if people can't enjoy it for one reason, i want them to enjoy it for another. i am confident that it will be enjoyed for many years. I don't consider it a novelty record at all. because there's enough realness within it to keep it applicable.

icarus: i don't consider it a novelty record. i don't see it as like j5 or ugly duckling either but i see it sort of linked to those projects in a sense.
icarus: and i think it's something positive for hip hop as a genre... it seems less motivated by the idea of "progress" as it has been manifested lately.

SAGEkillz: i REALLY hope it influences some of the people in my circle to go back to the fundamentals a bit

icarus: yeah i know that's important to you.

SAGEkillz: i wanted to show them that it could be fun, tasteful, rappy and still be relevant. however, it might fail. so who knows

icarus: in ten years, i think people will think more highly of this record than they will next week. (whether that's a good or a bad thing, i don't know)

SAGEkillz: that's very possible. but as I said, the press has been very surprising

icarus: i guess it depends on where you and joe go from here.
icarus: are there reviews online?
icarus: and how are your friends and whatnot taking the record?

SAGEkillz: friends? heh. I have..........few. They like everything I do. My main friend said, "You accomplished what you set out to do."
SAGEkillz: but I take any comments from friends and family as lip service. nothing more than that
SAGEkillz: I basically wanted to make an awesome rap record. Especially after all the doubts people had of my authenticity when PJ came out

icarus: hm. yeah.
icarus: i guess you definitely accomplished whatever you set out to do.
icarus: i think you might alienate some fans, though.

SAGEkillz: I definitely don't want to alienate anyone. just polarize

icarus: haha
icarus: if i were one of the people who criticized PJ for being too arty or whatever, i'd feel like HOPE was making fun of me.
icarus: especially if anticon had put it out

SAGEkillz: it is an answer of sorts, yes. more of an "in your face" statement than it is a joke I'm trying to pull off
Post Sat Oct 04, 2003 1:44 pm
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There's an unfavourable review up at DOT:ALT magazine (htttp://

People will dislike this record. They will be people who don't even realize that they don't like rap.
Post Sat Oct 04, 2003 2:14 pm
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Sage Francis
Self Fighteous

Joined: 30 Jun 2002
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that review made soda shoot out of my nose.

that kid used to post on this messageboard. heh.

He emailed me and said, "Wasn't it you who complained about ADD music?"

and I responded saying, "HOPE is the only kind of album that makes sense to me after Personal Journals. It took as much thought and time to record."

He is entitled to his own opinion, but man...I just think that whole shit was way off base.
Post Sat Oct 04, 2003 3:11 pm
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The problem with this piss ant here was in his review he didn't base anything on the record itself...SHOOT this is NON-PROPHETS...Not Sage...People are messing up on that...It's a duo...Joey and Sage...Joey has a way of working within the confines of digestable music but still inspiring one to have an aquired taste for his art...I think he does the job quite well...The reviewer here is just making the review relative to what he likes and his expectations...A BAD quality for any journalist or whatever you want to call the chump...He couldn't go three sentences without bringing in some outer comparison...Compare the album to ITSELF...ITSELF...ITSELF...
Post Sat Oct 04, 2003 3:37 pm
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