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Daddy, why did we have to attack Iraq?
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Bobby Anticon

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Are you askin Puff? he would know...I know he can make a band!
Post Sat Sep 20, 2003 12:00 am
MC Pope

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kese wrote:
Wordsmyth wrote:
this was the worst post i have ever read...

here's one for you, daddy


i think you're brain washed.. none of that made sense to you?
obviously america didn't go to war with Iraq cause their government was crooked, they went there because that's the best buisness move, they didn't go there because we were going to be attacked, they went there because of oil. oil= A SHIT LOAD OF MONEY. they did it for the cash, not to defend human rights. human rights don't matter in the big buisness game.

the only thing scarier than the gov't are the assinine people who support it.
wake up!

In light of the current situation, I don't know if the 'they did it for the cash' argument still holds up. Like 'Iraq has WMDs', 'the US wants to steal Iraq's oil' was just a convenient simplification of America's actual motives, designed to sell a particular point of view.
Post Sat Sep 20, 2003 3:34 am
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i dunno man look at whos getting the bids on the oil piplines or whatever the deal with that is<hail burton>

i guess its to early to tell...wordsmyth im sure youll read this too and this applies to your thread too

oh yea i forgot to put this in the other thread so ill put it here

war for peace

Post Sat Sep 20, 2003 4:12 am
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Bobby Anticon

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actully thats more true then an oxy....WAR FOR LOVE? nawww FUCK IT ALL...Lets start giving out plane lessons and free bombs to everyone....I call shotgun.
Post Sat Sep 20, 2003 11:12 am
FoJaR's account is broken

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nononono, it's war IS peace. and in this case reelection. and patriot acts.

woooooooooooooo for 1984 in 2003
Post Sat Sep 20, 2003 11:22 am
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