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for those that think there are no absolutes
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FoJaR wrote:
human's right. give it up random surge, it's not that even in excess, learning is good. it's that you CANNOT have learning in excess.

surge, by calling him immature for DEBATING a point, you only show your own childishness. he was not starting beef with you in any way.

the voice of reason has spoken. suck it up son.

What are YOU talking about? What the hell happened to this forum???

I've been nothing but open to everyone's ideas in this whole thread. I am trying to learn here (ironic, huh?)

I simply didn't agree with the human and I gave clear reasons as to why. Then other people understood those reasons, but he decided he wasn't going to and starting typing in caps "YOU ARE WRONG HERE" and bringing up quotes from months ago that I don't even remember and admitting that he came in here to try to "win" an argument simply because he has 1-sided e-beef

I never started ANYTHING...I've been in an inquiring mode this whole time (using words like "I think", and asking questions looking for replies, instead of "YOU ARE WRONG HERE"). I gave rebuttals to other people's ideas (like love) and I did to him as well in the same tone. For some reason he started getting flustered. If you don't believe me you can always go back and read. Obviously I'm being childish but he's the one that's been cursing at me this whole time....yeah, makes perfect sense dude

What exactly am I supposed to "give up'??? Do you even know what you're talking about?

I'm the one looking for an answer here, there is nothing for me to "give up" unless there are childish people on here trying to "win" arguments and I have to give up my inquiry because they have accomplished their main goal

to fuck up this thread...for whatever reason, there are kids on this board that have some pent up aggression towards me. Obviously they take their online experience entirely way too seriously and may have been "hurt" by something I said in the past (hence the quoting...I bet he had that shit saved, too hahaha)

This is fucking silliness...thanks reggie for trying to bring up some order into this. I don't see why I can't come on a moderated messageboard and have a decent discussion on something that may have me puzzled

A conclusion that I may draw from this discussion that even in absolutes there is moderation...or a balance per se. Yes there may be some absolutes...not many...but they're there. Even if they're just in the most subjective ways. If you think about it, our whole perspective of reality is nothing but dealing with subjectivism when talking about shit like this is not that out of the question

Not everything has to be a universal law that not only applies to humans but everything I said, maybe even in absolutes there is a moderation

I don't know how much sense that might make...because saying moderation in absolutes sounds pretty weird...but hopefully my point got across

thanks to those who contributed to this thread...peace
Post Fri Aug 22, 2003 1:42 pm
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Haha, YOU ARE WRONG HERE, worked, it really got under your skin I can see.

Relax dude.

And I love the fact that you are the first to AWLAYS say "You take your online existance too serious here."

Think about that.

And your trying to hide in the numbers again "well nobody backs you but look I found a few followers." That shit gets old.

Surge, you babbled on about learning and your pissed because I dismissed your theory. I never got 'flustered' ive just been stating facts.

And yeah, this is C-A-T.

Surge, everyone here knows if the tables were turned, and I was wrong, you would be talking down and trying to clown the fuck out of me.

You had this coming and you know it. Your theory is bullshit, face it.
Post Fri Aug 22, 2003 2:02 pm
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