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out of body needed
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out of body needed  Reply with quote  

i posted this on another board a little while ago. just wanted to see what y'all thought about it here. ILL shit is happening to me. read on:

so a couple nights ago i was lying on my bed and closed my eyes and started to imagine myself rotating or kind of wobbling along the axis that goes from my head to my feet. I had heard this was kind of the way to have a lucid dream or some shit, and i'd been practicing at school by putting my head down and imagining i was on a roller coaster. It was just when I started to really lose control that I opened my eyes and stopped. just before you break, you feel like you're falling out of your body which is hella frightening and hard to ignore. This kept tripping me up for the longest time. finally, I did manage to get beyond that and this fucked up stuff happened.

the falling sensation lasted for a second, if that, and then I slowly opened my eyes and saw that I was sitting on the edge of the bed. then i turned my head and looked down to see that I was sitting next to myself and just that image jarred me enough to wake me up and break the trance or whatever the hell i should call it, but now I knew that something really strange was happening. The next time i went through the process, i opened my eyes and stood up and my body was still lying on the bed, breathing slowly. i started looking around the room, trying to notice details that I could check later when I was awake. Walking over to the bookshelf, I tried to memorize the order of books, whether the spine was pointing up or down, etc. the room was dark, but I was able to make out a lot of details. to wake up, I would just breathe sharply and that seemed to jar me back. much of what I recalled from my dream or trance corroborated what my room was like. I tried many more times successfully and started to get the hang of the process, but the strangest part was still on the way.
okay, now this is where it gets scary. last night i decided to try and leave my room. going into the trance(?), I fell out of my body and stood up in the room. I walked over to the wall and decided to step through it. i put my hand up against the wall, I leaned in and without any resistance, I suddenly found myself on the other side, standing in my sisters brightly lit room. she was sitting at her desk, drawing something on a sheet of paper. the funny thing is that whenever she would move, a shadow trace would smoothly follow whatever motion she made, kind of like a smokey afterimage. kinda like bruce lee swinging his arms in slow motion, and the kind of trail that leaves. my sister gets up and walks over to the cd player on the other side of the room. now, instead of seeing a shadow of her arms, a whole shadow trail of her body moved across the room a half a second behind her. The whispy form was connected to hher at all times and would catch up to her and disappear whenever she stopped moving. then, on her way back to the desk, the whispy form followed her, mirroring her motions exactly, except the head, which turned and looked straight at me as soon as i moved. that startled me enough to jar me back into my body

anyone have any kind of knowledge on this? someone want to tell me what the fuck happened? anyone had a similar experience?

sorry for the long read, but i needed to get this shit out there.

Post Sun Aug 25, 2002 1:48 am
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being from las vegas, nv.
Post Sun Aug 25, 2002 2:30 am
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mr self distrukt

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ayo oedipus- it means you're gay and you sexually yearn for your mom.
man, you're sick. get help.

there ain't no such thing as half-way crooks.
Post Sun Aug 25, 2002 3:24 am
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Re: out of body needed  Reply with quote  

atypicalcat wrote:

sorry for the long read, but i needed to get this shit out there.


if you're being completely serious, you can email me ...i've been randomly studing spirituality shit like that (auras/obes/telekenisis/telepathy/lucid dreaming/etc) since i was in high school for a class 'n on my own, but i'm not taking part in devoting a whole thread to it.

Post Sun Aug 25, 2002 4:05 am
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Post Sun Aug 25, 2002 6:42 am
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is vintge vince? vince vintge vincge?

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check out and read through some of the links to articles. this link is for the lucidty research branch at stanford, there are some crazy studies and interesting things about out of body experiences and lucidty. they are both part of dreaming just different dream experiences. personally i am extremely interested and have had quite a few lucid dreams lately.
Post Sun Aug 25, 2002 11:32 am
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by the way, i didn't start this thread.


Post Sun Aug 25, 2002 12:31 pm
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anyone else? feedback/input?
Post Fri Aug 30, 2002 4:12 am
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