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interview for SEVEN magazine in the UK, Aug 25, 2002
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Sage Francis
Self Fighteous

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interview for SEVEN magazine in the UK, Aug 25, 2002  Reply with quote  

Hey Sage

I sent you an interview to this address last week but after speaking Tom
Duggan at Southern Records he suggested that I resend it so here you go. I'm
doing a small piece on you for the 'Buzz' section of 7 magazine but I'm also
writing a piece on white underground hip-hoppers in America - you, Aesop
Rock, Atmosphere, Copywrite, RjD2, Alias, Eyedea etc etc. So I would like to
be able to quote you for that article hense a few wider questions regarding
the underground scene.


"I am perpetually 32 years old"

Influences (musical or otherwise):
"hiphop, rock and roll, films, family, friends, tv, video games, poetry, pornography.

What did you do for money before rapping started paying off?

"I had a plethora of ODD jobs, but my last one was working at Ben and Jerry's. That was my favorite.

Were you happy with the response (commmercial and critical) you got from
'Personal Journals' in the States?
"Yes, I was."

There is a safety/comfort that I feel from listening to 'Personal Journals'.
What do you put that down to? (or is it just me - haha!)

"Some people have told me the exact opposite. It all depends on who is listening and with what kind of ear. There are many paths to take in that album. The destination may depend on your mindframe."

You seem to have a dark, intense side to your character - where do you think
that comes from? Have you exploited it for this album?

"I don't know why that side of me exists, but I can't remember it NOT being there. It was always there in my drawings and writings. Since pre-school. It really might be a genetic trait. I think I would be exploiting it if I made a gimmick out of it, but it's a little to real for me to capitalize on. I explore it. I want to believe there is a beauty in it. There were dark periods in my life that I tried to illustrate with some of the songs on the album, but I didn't intend for that to be the overall feel."

There are many references to depression on this album, what are the thoughts that scare you?
"Depression doesn't really have much to do with fear. In fact, sometimes depression is a complete LACK of fear. Maybe you've confused depression with anxiety, I don't know. As for things I'm scared of, I'll stay clear of answering that question."

Listening to this album the only connection to the hip hop mainstream
apppears to be the music form itself. Did you ever fall for hip hop as a
lifestyle i.e. all that bling bling, bitches and hoes, guns etc? Do you
feel any allegiance with that world?

"I was raised on hiphop. I do feel a sort of allegiance to many aspects of why I thought it was so great, which includes the 'bling bling' and gangster shit. Admittedly, it has all gotten silly and out of hand, but it has it's place. I loved NWA for fucking the police. I loved Slick Rick for blinging that 150 lbs of gold around his neck."

On RjD2's album Jakki raps, 'What the fuck is your definition of
underground/depressing beats and bleak cats who love the sound'. Is this a
fair comment on underground hip hop?
"Sure. It's not unfair to say. But that obviously doesn't accurately describe everyone in the underground."

Dr Dre said he was quitting rapping because 'can't talk about blunts and
lowriders anymore'. White rappers from middle class upbringings have never
really had those kind of experiences so is that why they tend to rap about
wider subject matter?

"Dr Dre is a brilliant man...and he is full of shit. And most of the middle class white boys you are asking about DO rap about that same bullshit because they are always trying to overcompensate. I've seen it time and time again...they don't have a wider range of material. But a good thing I can't overlook is a lot of rappers don't have the same expectations that Dr Dre has of his fans. He has enclosed himself in a box of creative limitations."
How important has the internet community been in gaining recognition and support
for you and other underground artists?

"It has been a great tool for making material available to the public. It gives the consumer much more control and that helps dope artists who wouldn't ordinarily have gotten publicity. In return, it hurts artists who are ALL publicity and no backbone. That's why major labels are always bitching and whining. It's a new world, fellas...good luck catching up."

What exactly did you do for the X-Games commercials. Was it a real money earner?

HAAaaa. yes. They paid me more money then I had ever had before. It helped me out of a tough situation. All I did was read poems in front of their cameras...I did a little writing and some acting. I just had to look pretty for the masses, because this face sells. Remember that. This face...sells."

What other creative outlets do you have?
"Writing. That's basically it. Writing and performing. Performing on stage, at the dinner table, in the bedroom. It's all entertainment."

What projects/collaborations are you working on at the moment?
"I am currently working on the Non-Prophets album with Joe Beats, which will be the next big CD release of mine. The Makeshift Patriot EP will be released in Feb. Beyond that, I am recording an EP with Buck 65 and DJ Signify, setting up a tour with a band, I have a song with Sole on his next album, and I've recorded a couple songs with Slug that will be on his next project."

What is your ultimate aim in life (musical or otherwise - apart from
finishing this interview haha)?
"I have already exceeded my goals. I'm just going wherever the wind takes me now. I have a good vision of the future. It all seems so predictable though. I'll do my best to thwart the obvious. I am proud to say that this music thing of mine will develop into something much bigger and better than anyone would have ever thought. You should have killed me last year."

Post Sat Aug 24, 2002 3:55 pm
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Thanks for posting. I like this one.

When and where did that x-games thing take place? Any way I could check it out?
Post Sat Aug 24, 2002 4:19 pm
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Sage Francis
Self Fighteous

Joined: 30 Jun 2002
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Post Sat Aug 24, 2002 8:54 pm
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I'm a bit confused about what you said about dre....would you care to elaborate?
Post Sat Aug 24, 2002 10:08 pm
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