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"When 2010 is said and done, Fallen House, Sunken City should stand as one of the year’s best hip-hop releases." 4.5 out of 5 - ALARM Press

"Fallen House is proof that underground hip-hop still has bite." 4 out of 5 - Alternative Press

"3.5 out of 4 stars" - Boston Phoenix

"Shit's hard as hell." - Brother Ali

"“A poignant conscious hip-hop record, backed by huge beats from Alias” " -

Read the article "5 Ways to Bleed Your Customer"

Strange Famous consigliare B. Dolan returns with his sophomore lp, "Fallen House, Sunken City" produced entirely by ALIAS. Having already established himself as a master storyteller, this time Dolan presents us with a full-throttle, unabashed, boombap hiphop record. Joined by legendary beatsmith Alias behind the production board, B. Dolan's aggressive delivery is accentuated by a special brand of bass-heavy breakbeats, while the tailor made musical backdrops assist in the mood of impending doom. Guest appearances by P.O.S., Cadence Weapon, Providence's "What Cheer?" Brigade, and Buddy Peace round out the tracklist, as SFR and B. Dolan set the decade off with a demolition charge. READ MORE HERE

The First Single

Download Earthmovers' mp3

Earthmovers is the post-racial, pre-apocalypse, dance floor sensation of 2010. This is the first radio single off of B. Dolan's forthcoming album "Fallen House, Sunken City" produced entirely by Alias. The album drops March 2nd on Strange Famous Records and exclusive pre-order package deals are available at

Download Earthmovers now!

Download '50 ways to bleed your customer' - the Reanimator Remix mp3



"Shit's hard as hell." - Brother Ali

"“A poignant conscious hip-hop record, backed by huge beats from Alias” " -

Read the article "5 Ways to Bleed Your Customer"

"This duo is set to knock the dust off your boombox and slap you right out of your little sister’s pants. I’m going to go ahead and dub this the first great hop hop album of Twentyten." -

"Backed by the appropriately maniacal, percussion-driven boardwork of Alias, the emcee delivers fragmented shotgun blasts of aggressively satirical lyrical ammunition" - DJ Booth (

"B. Dolan has cursed me with repeating the same lines over and over again in my head since I met him. Come to Jamaica, come to Dubai. Damn you, B. Dolan. Shit knocks." El-P


Download the Fallen House Sunken City lyrics (PDF)

Track List

1. Leaving New York
2. Fifty Ways to Bleed Your Customer
3. Economy of Words (Bail it Out)
4. Earthmovers
5. The Reptilian Agenda
6. The Hunter
7. Marvin
8. Kitchen Sink
9. Border Crossing
10. Fall of T.R.O.Y. (feat. POS, Cadence Weapon)
11. Mr. Buddy Buddy (feat. Buddy Peace)
12. Body of Work

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Album Drops March 2nd, 2010. Pre-order options:

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  • Fallen House 11"x17" poster
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The orders will be sent as soon as we get the vinyl back from our manufacturer which may not be until May (but we expect it sooner.) At this point we will raise the price of the package deal. More.


$17.99 - Sm. through XXL $17.99 - Sm. through XXL


3/29/2010 - First Leg of the “Weight of the World Tour” is Over.

Here we are in Brighton, UK. Where it is raining buckets, everyone is nice, lots of people are gay, and the record shops are lovely. I’m playing the last show of this leg tonight at the Concorde2. Across the street is the English Channel. By now I have lost all sense of orientation in the world, and am for all practical purposes in space.

I’ve been writing a lot. A song or poem about the first dog shot into orbit. The last song that will ever be written about George Bush, and a snappy tune called ‘Murderlicious.’ I’m also reading a lot. Finished ‘UBIK’ by Philip K. Dick, which I don’t recommend, and this biography of David Bowie, which I do.

I’ve been lucky enough to be brought along on this first leg by dan le sac vs. scroobius pip, SFR’s militant UK electro brethren, who’ve just released their sophomore lp “The Logic of Chance” and are touring in support of it. The crowds have been rabid, the shows have been sweaty and ‘rammed,’ as they say, and the highlights have been many. READ MORE HERE

3/03/2010 - The Album is out now!

If your local indie store is not carrying "Fallen House, Sunken City" then please request that they order it from Revolver Distribution. Also, let us know the name of these stores by emailing us at! We'll get our workers on the phone and hound them til they carry it.

3/02/2010 - Release Show blog entry

Sage Francis shares pictures, video and a review of the "Fallen House" record release show:

2/24/2010 - Earthmovers Video

Click for bigger img.
This past weekend B. Dolan and Sage Francis flew to Kansas City and filmed the video for Earthmovers. It was shot on a construction site during a brutal sleet storm. Despite the freezing temperatures, muddy feet and lack of sleep, director Kyle Harbaugh and the entire film crew stayed on task to help us create an incredible...truly incredible music video. This beast will be unleashed in early March. Tell MTV to holler at us. We're crazy for this one.

The album is now streaming at
(sans two songs)!

2/11/2010 - Haiti Benefit

SFR is proud to announce that B. Dolan and Sage Francis helped Rhymesayers Entertainment raise over $30,000.00 for Haiti relief during their benefit concert at 1st Ave in Minneapolis on Feb 9th. It was an amazing show with a sold out crowd. We're honored to have been a part of it and we'd like to thank everyone who helped make that event such a success!!! Photos below.

Click for larger img.
B. Dolan performs "Marvin" at the Haiti Benefit at 1st Ave and the crowd puts up their lighters.

B. Dolan does his best Sarah Palin impression (check the hand.)

Sage Francis expects a high five from B. Dolan but gets denied....typical.

More News

B. Dolan's first in-depth interview regarding his new album. "Enter the Mind of B. Dolan"
Read the interv iew here!

EarthmoversA video for the second single, "Earthmovers", will be posted in late February! All other news will appear on this page as info comes in, so check back for updates regularly. In the meantime, you can follow B. Dolan on Twitter at More updates soon!

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