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Copper Gone 1 Year Anniversary + NEW VIDEO!

Reno Show! Sage, B. Dolan, many more…

April 4, 2009
5:00 pm

1 night, 1 stage, 5 hour show, 12 live performances, 3 live artists, b-boys, breakers, vendor village & more

SAT. APRIL 4, 2009

Lawlor Events Center

$25 Pre-Sale (no extra fees)


  • Sage Francis
  • Kidz in the Hall
  • Luckyiam (Living Legends, Mystic Journeymen, CMA)
  • Pep Love (Hieroglyphics)
  • 2Mex (Visionaries)
  • U-N-I
  • Mickey Factz
  • B. Dolan
  • Himself (Netherworlds)
  • Metaphysical (Element, Digital Underground)
  • Canto I


  • Stacks Malone
  • Griffin
  • Dumperfoo
  • & more

Lalwor Events Center: 
(775) 784-4444

Jan 13

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