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The $500 GODCAST!

The “Strange Famous GODCAST” is a divine, 50-minute mix of songs, soundbites and demos that Sage Francis has collected over the past 10 years. This isn’t a “hiphop” mix per se; it’s more of an eclectic mix of genres and recordings from various eras of music, film and online gems. As the title of this mix suggests, the GODCAST has a religious theme throughout, but the main objective of this podcast is to share some great-yet-obscure tunes that Uncle Sage cherry picked out of his personal playlist for your listening pleasure.

Did someone say $500? Yes. To make things even more interesting, and to feed into Sage’s ever-spiraling gambling habit, we will pay $500 to the first person who submits the tracklist and soundbite/sample sources of this mix to us by May 25th. That’s how confident we are that the music-fiends, record diggers and internet nerds alike will not be able to figure this playlist out. We’re only giving a 2 week deadline because of how disinterested we are in paying money for something people could very well figure out if given more time.

If you have no interest in participating in this contest, God bless ya. Just click the arrow on the player to download your free mp3 and enjoy the music! The track list will be posted eventually.

Additional rules, regulations, and suggestions can be found at Sage’s blog here.

May 12

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