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Buddy Peace – Buck 65 Megamix

Here is a 20 minute Buck 65 Megamix by Buddy Peace that Strange Famous Records released for free as a promotion for the Situation album. If you never heard it before then you’re missing out. Right click here and save, baby!

Here are some words from Buck 65:
“I was walking around listing to music in my headphones and something came on I hadn’t heard in a while. It was this mega-mix-thing that Buddy Peace made for us a few years ago, right before Situation came out. Sweet Jesus, it knocked my socks off. I had forgotten how great it is and was reminded of the genius of Buddy Peace. The man is a beast when it comes to putting mixes together and it’s so unbelievably flattering when it’s your material he’s working with.

So! In that the mix is made up of highlights from my catalogue and was sculpted by the master, Buddy Peace, I’m now going to say that this is my favorite Buck 65 thing of all-time. This is it! It thrills me to listen to this sonofabitch. So if you haven’t heard it in a while either, or if you’ve never heard it at all, you’re invited to check it out right now…”

Situation is on sale now at SFRstore, and available in CD, Vinyl, and MP3 Download formats.

Apr 05

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