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B. DOLAN – “Love Will Survive (Extended Live Evel Version)”

As a special Valentine treat, SFR is offering a rare B. Dolan love song as a free “Clip of the Week” on the homepage of

B. Dolan’s “FAILURE” album is available on CD & MP3 at

B. Dolan wrote:

“I don’t have a lot of love songs in the catalogue, but this track is an often overlooked favorite of mine. When I wrote this it was my goal to make a sex rap about a cockroach, worshipping body parts like rappers do.

I recently found a discarded ending I wrote for this that didn’t make the cut, but reveals a bit more about how I was envisioning the whole interaction:

This ancient sister of mine, straddling the line
prodigal oddities returning across time
sort of like what happens when the continents collide
the room as wide as an eternity
i asked her to marry me
i asked her to murder me
i told her i was not worthy to serve at her feet
but please…. nourish me.
teach me how to live.
lift me off the battlefield, have mercy on me.
there is no war to win
becoming your nothing
isn’t that what love is?

and then i heard the flickering of wings
and since then i haven’t heard… anything.”

This version of the track is the extended version heard on the “LIVE EVEL” EP.

Feb 14

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