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Depending on how far he wants to take this, Buddy Peace has earned a lifelong position as SFR’s resident remix/scratch/mixtape DJ. His talents don’t end there, but that is how we were introduced to him. SFR now has had the honor of releasing the first official Buddy Peace digital album, “Late Model Sedan”,
as well as his first full-length production with emcee Prolyphic, “Working Man”.

Check out Buddy’s entire SFR discography here!

Time and time again Buddy volunteered his DJ services to our projects and every single time he threw the fuck down. Hard. Whether contributing to a remix contest, a mega-mix, or a self-produced CD with hand-written artwork (meticulously detailed), Buddy Peace always went above and beyond the call of duty. Case in point, feel free to download his “Holy Chrome” EP on SFR’s digital store. It’s new, it’s free, and it’s just a taste of what he’s bringing to the table in 2009. For further evidence, check out his handiwork on the new B. Dolan “House of Bees” mixtape series.

I first met Buddy Peace in London, England (his hometown) around 2004. His demeanor was ultra humble. I was like, “Wha? Come on, fool. This ain’t real. You’re motherfucking BUDDY PEACE! When you shake my hand I want it to hurt.” It’s almost as if he doesn’t really know that he’s as great as he is. And that’s probably true, which makes him even more awesomer. Bearded, lanky, smiley and nasty as hell on the decks.

Everything that Buddy Peace does displays a great knowledge and understanding of hip-hop in all its incarnations. Old school, new school, whatever…there’s great expansive knowledge there and he utilizes it well. His love for music doesn’t stop at hip-hop though. As with most crate diggers, and as anyone who has followed his career knows, his contributions to hip-hop are the result of understanding what’s great about all genres of music and MAKING them hip-hop.

Buddy Peace has put in some serious work over the years, doing DJ gigs around the world and playing some of Europe’s biggest festivals. Some of his most notable efforts as of recent include the beats he did on Buck 65’s “Dirtbike” trilogy, DJing for Prince Po (ex-Organized Konfusion) on tour, and contributing remix work for labels around the world.

Currently, Buddy Peace is helping out with various SFR projects, including heavy contributions to B. Dolan’s latest LP, “Kill The Wolf” and Sage Francis’ “Copper Gone” album, as well as playing an integral part of B’s mixtape series, “House of Bees.”


Buddy Peace’s first full-length LP with Prolyphic, “Working Man”, is available now!

PROLYPHIC (Providence, RI) was signed to STRANGE FAMOUS RECORDS in 2005 when SAGE FRANCIS partnered up the introspective lyricist with his long-time production partner, REANIMATOR. The subsequent album, THE UGLY TRUTH, received critical acclaim even though it didn’t quite match the success of the auto-tuned raps it sat beside on the charts that year. That was 2008, and by today’s standards that’s practically a lifetime ago. 5 years later the snarling, pessimist emcee has emerged once again, this time with eclectic DJ/Producer extraordinaire BUDDY PEACE (London, England,) to answer the question: “Where has Prolyphic been?” The content of this new album makes it abundantly clear; “in the same hell as you.”

WORKING MAN takes the all-too-familiar tales of family turmoil, cancer scares, lack of health care, unemployment woes and then forges them into blue collar anthems. Buddy Peace’s obscure loops and dusty breaks give the musical backdrop a quintessential “golden age” throwback sound, while Prolyphic uses grim life experience as the launching pad for an exploration of realities that are bigger than one man’s experience. This is a collective experience and it comes across as such. We all know someone with cancer. We all feel the pinch of the bad economy. Now it becomes a matter of what to do with that frustration and how to address the bigger picture.

“Business As Usual” is the first single:

Prolyphic uses the personal approach and goes for the throat like never before. On songs like “DRUG DEALER” we hear about doctors pushing pharmaceutical products on his mother to treat her cancer, and why her ultimate decision was to refuse them.

Check out “Drug Dealer”, the first video from “Working Man”:

“SIX FEET HIGH” tells the story of his father losing the family business in the floods that overran New England a few years back. With his unique honesty in full view,  Prolyphic courageously tells the story of what it meant to rebuild everything from scratch without help from the Government, and why experiences like this have working class New Englanders “losing faith in the Democrats.”

It’s not all doom and gloom though. The first single, “BUSINESS AS USUAL,” has Prolyphic double-timing his vocals while weaving lyrics around a catchy, Buddy Peace bounce pattern. “DEATH OF THE BOOMBOX” is a playful posse cut that features SFR label mates SAGE FRANCIS and METERMAIDS.

Check out “Go Green”, the latest video from the album!:

Songs like “FUCK BANKS” use clever metaphors which help to illuminate the reasons why everyone is so disgruntled over their paychecks being “held for ransom.” If the new generation of hip-hop fans are no longer interested in deriving meaning from their music, the intricate beat layering and masterful wordplay used throughout makes it more than worth the journey for them. However, in a musical climate where so much airtime is wasted on throwaway bars and the latest dance crazes, it’s refreshing to see a duo like this making brave, honest music.
“WORKING MAN”, the latest LP  from Prolyphic & Buddy Peace, is in stores now!

Exclusive CD package deals & MP3 Downloads are available HERE.


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